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Are You Asking Yourself, Why Am I Sick? Atlanta, GA

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October 28, 2021

Are you living in Atlanta, Ga and wondering, Why Am I Sick? I Can Help! 

Doesn’t it seem like some people are sickly with a bit of somethin’ every time you see them? Many years ago, I asked myself why am I sick so much. It seemed like every few weeks, I was suffering from some immune response. It could be a respiratory tract infection, a common cold, or something else. I thought these frequent sicknesses had to be from a chronic condition that I had no answers yet. I had moved to Atlanta, Ga over twenty years ago for a “healthier” life.

I can think back to my early 20s when I had to have my gallbladder taken out. My gut was messed up, and I could not digest anything well. I was looking forward to the surgery. The surgery was scheduled, and then, of course, I got sick. The doctor asked if I was catching colds often and had any long-term chronic stress. I said no, but again I wondered why am I sick so much?

This was when I started working in the field of natural wellness. I learned how to support my immune system to reduce or avoid colds, flu, upper respiratory infections, etc. I was amazed at how many immune-supportive herbals there were. And I started to learn how food affects the immune system, and I started adjusting my diet.

Are you living in Atlanta  Ga and asking yourself, “Why Am I Sick”?

  1. When I started to have my own family and started working, I realized I wanted my children to be healthy and not sick all the time like I was. I began to change my diet, but at my own pace. I started by reducing the number of snack foods I brought into the house. I had no idea how much sugar was in my diet now and during my childhood! Then I started to buy foods that were “green” and started to eat them. Don’t laugh, but broccoli and spinach are not so appealing at first when you are raised on Twinkies and cookies. I had to re-train my brain.

  2. Lack of sleep and sleep deprivation weakens the immune system. I wanted to raise my family and enjoy life without getting exhausted and sick. Putting away the electronics around 8 pm, reading books instead of watching television at night, and keeping stress down and sugar away from my body were all sleep supportive.

  3. Next, I learned about vitamins, minerals, and the importance of antioxidant levels to keep me healthy and help prevent those constant colds and cases of flu I was getting. I ran a vitamin test on myself and was shocked, but not really, when I realized my antioxidant levels were deficient. No wonder I was sick all the time. It was so helpful that the test showed me exactly which antioxidants were low, so I did not have to guess. I took only the vitamins my body needed. I got through my first cold and flu season without a cold, flu, or upper respiratory infection!

  4. Know your herbals! Studying herbology helped me know what herbal remedies to keep at home in my medicine cabinet when I felt like I was getting sick. There are some excellent immune-boosting herbs.

Are you like me and wondering, “Why Am I Sick?” I would love to help you feel healthy, strong, and full of life!

Whether you’re making small changes or going all-in with an entirely new diet and supplement plan, you will quickly begin to see the benefits of your decision! Your body will thank you for it.

We see people in our Atlanta, Ga location and virtually too! That way we can help you anywhere you are. 

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