Functional Medicine Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Functional Medicine & Nutrition Support Teaches People Top Ways to Improve Their Health So They Can Enjoy Living a Healthier, More Active, and Longer Life.

Atlanta Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine Atlanta Ga? A practice that uses science-based techniques to address the underlying cause of symptoms and disease. We get to the root cause of health challenges and put you on the right path to good health and longevity. 

Example: If you feel tired and take a multi vitamin to hopefully regain some energy, how do you know that your fatigue is from a vitamin deficiency and not something else? We get you the answers you need! 

Functional Medicine  is not “DISEASE”  focused; it is “YOU” FOCUSED.  Alane  will spend 45 minutes to 1 hour with you during your initial appointment. It takes time to get to know you, and 15 minutes is not long enough. She wants to get to know you, your health goals, desires and dreams.


Why Uncovering the Root Cause is Crucial for Improved Health & Ability to Enjoy Life and Live it to the FULLEST! 

If you do not get answers, then you cannot have a clear path back to health. Then you are spinning your wheels in circles. We use Atlanta functional medicine lab tests to identify the root cause of your symptoms and health challenges. We use science to provide you with a clear plan to get you feeling energized, focused, happier, having less body fat, better sleep, experiencing good health, less pain, and living life fully. 

Yes, it is possible to prevent disease and create health!

Atlanta Functional Medicine GA is not one size fits all.  It is YOU FOCUSED not symptom-focused!

Functional Medicine Example: 

*The patient is fatigued, overweight, and has constant headaches

*We get to the root cause of the symptoms – by adjusting the diet and running comprehensive lab testing 

*We have a clear path to get you feeling better

Nutritionally Yours is located near Atlanta, Georgia. We serve the entire Metro Atlanta, GA area plus all of the United States.

Virtual and In-Person appointments available Monday – Friday from 9-4 EST

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