Holistic Nutritionist Atlanta, GA

Are you looking for an experienced holistic nutritionist in Atlanta, GA, who works hard for you and your loved ones?

You’ve found her!

Holistic Nutritionist Atlanta GA

Hi, I am Alane, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist Atlanta GA based. The key to helping my clients regain their health is to identify exactly what their body needs as far as nutrients, vitamins, and food to “function” at its best.

What makes me different? I personalize each plan for your individual needs. 

If you are battling a weight loss challenge, you are in the right place. I have over 30 years of success helping people lose weight and regain their health so they can feel and look more confident in their body. 

I work in a holistic nutritionist clinic serving the entire metro Atlanta, GA area. And if you need a virtual appointment, I can do that too! 

Are you looking for an experienced holistic nutritionist in Atlanta, GA, who works hard for you and your loved ones?   You found her!

Nutritionally Yours serves the entire Atlanta, GA area. 

Virtual and In-Person Appointments:  Monday – Friday 9-4 pm EST. 

“I’ve lost 17 pounds. I sleep peacefully through the night – every night. I can concentrate throughout the day and have given up all caffeine and no longer crave sweets all day. I am energetic and happy! The pain has decreased significantly and I now exercise 45 minutes/day – 6 days/week. Alane helped solve the mystery that was ruining my life and I will be forever grateful.

Some of the things, Alane, a holistic nutritionist, Atlanta GA focuses on for her clients.

  • Food intolerances and how they affect your health and weight. 
  • Vitamin Deficiencies and learning precisely what your body needs to function best.
  • Identify metabolic blocks that need to be fixed so you can achieve weight loss and enhanced metabolism.
  • Hormone Balance so you feel confident and calm
  • Learn what food your body likes and does not like so you know precisely what to eat.
  • Are there any immune challenges preventing optimal health? 


This holistic nutritionist Atlanta, GA believes that health conditions do not magically vanish with a pill that masks the symptoms.  I work hard to get to the root cause of the problem and show you what to do to fix it.

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