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Hi, I am Alane, a Holistic Nutritionist Atlanta based. I love helping people get “healthy, fit & lean” and learn more about food and how a good nutrition plan can help them feel fantastic and accomplish more in life! 

I totally believe in this quote. “Let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food.” – Hippocrates.

I help people in Atlanta, Ga, and all over the USA learn how nutrition affects their health. This holistic nutritionist is all about YOU and YOUR individual nutritional needs.

Ladies….yes I can help you break through weight loss plateaus caused by your hormones!

“Hi, I am Alane, and I have 30+ years of success helping women going through hormone changes lose weight and get healthy, fit, and lean so they can enjoy this wonderful life more! 

And yes I have conquered menopausal weight gain for myself and many other women!

I work in a location near Atlanta, Ga and virtual too, so I can help you look and feel amazing anywhere you live!

CONTACT: 678-372-2913  

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Benefits of Working With Me:

  • Get healthy, fit, and lean
  • Feel more confident
  • Reduce sugar cravings
  • Know Your Numbers:  How much protein, fat, carbs, and fiber do you need to lose weight & get healthy?
  • Feel more energetic
  • Have better focus and memory
  • Enjoy decreased pain and inflammation levels – which leads to a more active life
  • 30+ Years of Success
  • How to stop insulin spikes contributing to weight gain & symptoms
  • Learn the top reasons people struggle with weight loss
  • We provide you with a healthy & delicious food plan
  • Learn about food intolerance & how they affect weight loss & health
  • Stop addictions to “fake foods”
  • Mindfulness & weight loss success 
  • Hormone balance
  • Jump through weight loss plateaus successfully
  • Master Menopausal Weight Gain 

Holistic Nutritionist in Atlanta Explained: I look at the person as a individual with unique needs. I also educate you on what your body needs to succeed in weight loss, longevity, reducing health challenges & living a more active life. Holistic nutritionists educate their clients so that they are fully engaged in their journey to recovering from whatever ailments they are suffering from.

A Holistic nutritionist believes that health conditions do not  magically vanish with a pill that masks the symptoms.  I work hard to get to the root cause of the problem and show you what to do to fix it from the inside out.  

Are you looking for a top holistic nutritionist in Atlanta, Ga that truly works hard for you and your loved ones?   You found her!

Contact: 678-372-2913

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Schedule your holistic nutritionist appointment today so you can start feeling better soon. 

Nutritionally Yours is located in Atlanta, Ga.

Virtual and in – Person Appointments:  Monday – Friday 9-4 pm EST. 

“I’ve lost 17 pounds. I sleep peacefully through the night – every night. I can concentrate throughout the day and have given up all caffeine and no longer crave sweets all day. I am energetic and happy! The pain has decreased significantly and I now exercise 45 minutes/day – 6 days/week. Alane helped solve the mystery that was ruining my life and I will be forever grateful.