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YES! Alane works utilizing only the best alternative medicine  techniques to improve lives, while serving the entire Atlanta, Ga area and the USA. 

What is Alternative Medicine Atlanta? Healing methods that are not part of regular, traditional, or formal medical training. Alternative Medicine has been around for thousands of years. It is growing strongly as more and more people are deciding to chose natural remedies over standard approaches. Some alternative medicine practices go way back to ancient times before conventional Western Medicine.

When do people seek out Alternative Medicine Atlanta?  People suffering from symptoms and traditional medicine techniques are either too risky or feel there has to be a natural way to feel better. People also seek alternative remedies when they are perfectly healthy, and they want to stay that way. And many of our clients ask for help because a family member becomes ill or passes and they are concerned about their health and longevity. 

Alternative medicine is genuinely life-changing. There are so many valuable ways to support your health, wellness, energy, mental clarity …..naturally. This way, you feel your best, look amazing, have plenty of energy and confidence to accomplish the many things you want in this beautiful life. I have learned over all of my years that there is an herb for everything we need. And many conditions improve with simple dietary adjustments and supporting vitamin deficiencies as needed.  

For example: Over the years I have been able to support my hormones for instance with herbals instead of medications. And many of my clients find herbal remedies help with many of their symptoms like energy, hair loss, sleep, focus and more. The first alternative medicine remedy I used was called Kava Kava which helped me come off muscle relaxants when I was ill with Lyme. It helped relax the muscles so I could start working out to get stronger again. 

Nutritionally Yours is located in Alpharetta, GA, about 45 minutes north of Atlanta, Georgia. We are mostly a virtual clinic that enables us to help people from all over the country feel their best. We use Phone, Facetime, and Zoom for our appointments Monday – Friday.

Note: We will be joining a new practice in a Roswell, GA location in a few months to see people in person again. 

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Alane is a very knowledgeable ND with a big heart. My stepdaughter who was living in Italy had seen many doctors over the past 2 years with no diagnosis and a condition that was getting worse. I have known Alane for years and have heard many great testimonies from my patients about how she has helped them so I asked Alane if she could give her a phone consultation and try to figure out what was going on. 

Alane really wanted to see her in the office to run appropriate blood work and examine her in person but since it was not possible agreed to do what she could as distance medicine. My stepdaughter felt at ease with Alane immediately and just with questioning her over the phone and ordering some local lab work from Italy she was able to help her through the crisis. She is doing much better now and I am forever grateful to Alane for caring enough to help and having the talent to do so.”  Doctor Mark White.