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alternative medicine Atlanta

When I think of Alternative Medicine Atlanta, Georgia, I wish this was how medicine was in the first place.

Medicine should always have an alternative, functional, holistic, or integrative aspect.

Nutritionally Yours offers alternative medicine, functional and integrative approaches, and holistic health practices for your whole family. Our owner has over 30 years of skill and success in helping people achieve optimal health and wellness by getting to the root cause of their problems, not just their symptoms.


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  • Discuss specialized testing to get to the root cause of your health condition. 

  • At your follow up she will come up with a personalized alternative medicine plan 

  • You will learn about natural therapies and remedies to help you feel better fast 

  • Your life improves …..Yes it is that simple 

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What is Alternative Medicine? Atlanta

As a general rule, alternative medicine describes any form of medicine or healing method that is not part of  regular, traditional, or formal medical training.

Alternative Medicine has been around for thousands of years. It is growing strongly as more and more people are deciding to choose natural remedies over standard approaches. Some alternative medicine practices go way back to ancient times before conventional Western Medicine.

What is Alternative Medicine Doctors Near Me? 

Alternative medicine doctors near you are healthcare practitioners who offer holistic approaches to healing and prioritize addressing the underlying causes of health conditions rather than merely managing symptoms.

One holistic health specialist worth considering is Alane Wincek, founder of Nutritionally Yours. Alane is a functional medicine nutritionist and holistic-minded clinician with a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit. She focuses on personalized care, employing natural and integrative therapies to promote well-being.

Alane takes a comprehensive approach, considering factors such as nutrition, lifestyle, stress management, and supplementation to address the root causes of health issues. With her expertise and compassionate approach, Alane Wincek and Nutritionally Yours can guide you towards a path of natural healing and empower you to take charge of your health and achieve long-lasting results.

When do people seek out Alternative Medicine Atlanta? 

Many people start seeking alternative medical methods in healing when they feel there has to be another option for recovery from an illness or chronic condition.  

People also seek alternative remedies when they are perfectly healthy and want to stay that way. And others reach out to us once an illness tries to destroy their quality of life. 

Alternative medicine is genuinely life-changing. There are many natural ways to support your health, wellness, energy, and mental clarity. 

The decision to seek out alternative medicine Atlanta is often influenced by a desire for a more patient-centered and holistic approach to health and a belief in the body’s innate healing capacity. Ultimately, individuals may turn to alternative medicine when they feel the need for a different perspective, individualized care, or a more integrative approach to their health concerns.

alternative medicine



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Alane is a very knowledgeable ND with a big heart. My stepdaughter who was living in Italy had seen many doctors over the past 2 years with no diagnosis and a condition that was getting worse. I have known Alane for years and have heard many great testimonies from my patients about how she has helped them so I asked Alane if she could give her a phone consultation and try to figure out what was going on. 

Alane really wanted to see her in the office to run appropriate blood work and examine her in person but since it was not possible agreed to do what she could as distance medicine. My stepdaughter felt at ease with Alane immediately and just by questioning her over the phone and ordering some local lab work from Italy she was able to help her through the crisis. She is doing much better now and I am forever grateful to Alane for caring enough to help and having the talent to do so.”  Doctor Mark White.

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