People suffering from chronic pain describe their pain in many different ways. No matter what type of pain you are in, we can teach you practical and simple ways to reduce your pain so you can enjoy a more active and happier life. Here is a list of symptoms we can help improve so you have a better quality of life. 

  • Some people have an aching feeling in one or several parts of their body. 
  • You may have a burning sensation in your hands, feet or anywhere. 
  • Sometimes there are shooting pains in the body. 
  • Squeezing sensations in the arms, legs or even your head can lead to pain. 
  • Sharp stinging or  stiffness can cause discomfort. 
  • Some infections like Lyme involve a moving pain. 
  • Head pain or body pain can be throbbing
  • Along with pain, you may feel anxiety or depression. 
  • The chronic pain may leave you feeling debilitating fatigue.
  • When someone has a lot of pain they also tend to suffer from brain fog and have trouble keeping their mind on tasks. 
  • When there is pain, you may also battle insomnia.
  • With pain, mood swings can occur. 

If you are looking for someone who understands and can relate to and reduce your Chronic Pain Atlanta…. you found her! 

Hi, I am Alane Wincek, ND, CNC, and YES… I understand the symptoms you are dealing with and how badly you want to feel better. I have lived with Lyme disease pain for over 30 years and mastered it, and I will teach you what to do to reduce your pain and live a more active and happier life.

What are the Different Types of Chronic Pain?

  • Chronic Pain

  • Joint Pain

  • Arthritis Pain

  • Back Pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Headaches / Migraines

  • Muscle Pain 

  • Nerve Pain

  • Moving Pain 

Can Chronic Pain Affect Your Health? 

Regardless of its cause, chronic pain can profoundly impact your physical and emotional well-being. Physically, constant pain can cause decreased mobility, muscle stiffness, nerve discomfort, brain fog, and debilitating fatigue. It can interfere with daily activities, cause trouble sleeping, and compromise overall physical activity.

Emotionally, chronic pain can be just as challenging. The relentless nature of pain can contribute to frustration, irritability, depression, anxiety, decreased mental clarity, and even helplessness.

People experiencing chronic pain Atlanta may realize it is affecting their relationships, lifestyle, and joy.

Chronic pain Atlanta

Is Chronic Pain Hard to Treat? 

In total, chronic pain is not necessarily hard to treat when you choose a provider who truly understands what you need to do to find long-lasting relief. While chronic pain can be complex and challenging to manage, it’s essential to know that Alane and Nutritionally Yours are professionals in Atlanta who specialize in chronic pain management and have extensive experience in helping patients achieve life-changing outcomes.

By selecting a knowledgeable, empathetic, and well-versed provider in the latest holistic approaches, you can increase your chances of finding effective strategies tailored to your specific needs.

Do You Need Chronic Pain Therapy? 

Suppose you are suffering from chronic pain and live in or near Atlanta. In that case, we welcome the opportunity to help you find chronic pain relief to live a happier and more enjoyable life. We have worked successfully with many individuals all over Atlanta and the United States by assisting them in learning about all-natural and effective chronic pain therapies.

You do not have to spend your life in a state of chronic pain nor take potent medications that make you feel tired when so many remedies help you. Chronic pain happens to some of the best people we have known; the key is to stay on top of it and not let it become debilitating or take over your joy and life.

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Chronic Pain Atlanta