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We offer holistic, natural hypothyroidism treatment Atlanta, that includes thyroid remedies. 

Are you looking for someone to tell you if your symptoms are caused by your thyroid? Do you need a comprehensive thyroid test that covers ALL components of hypothyroidism, and not just TSH? You found the right place!

Hi, I am Alane and I understand living with symptoms of hypothyroidism Atlanta, and being told that your thyroid labs are “normal”.

If you need your thyroid balanced and want a natural hypothyroidism treatment including holistic remedies, Alane and Nutritionally Yours can help! 

When patients suspect hypothyroidism is affecting their health but have been told their labs are normal, I tell them they are smart, and usually 100%correct. If there is a thyroid problem, I will find it. 

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hypothyroidism Atlanta Ga

What Are the Top 10 Signs of Hypothyroidism? Atlanta

Here is a list of symptoms of an underactive thyroid. natural hypothyroidism treatment atlanta

  • slow movements and thoughts
  • muscle aches and weakness
  • muscle cramps
  • dry and scaly skin
  • brittle hair and nails
  • loss of libido 
  • pain, numbness, tingling sensations in hands and finger
  • irregular periods 
  • weight gain or inability to lose weight
  • brain fog 

What Were Your First Signs of Hypothyroidism? 

Patients may experience subtle symptoms in the early stages of hypothyroidism. It usually begins with fatigue and increased sensitivity to cold. Going forward, they typically gain weight, even if their diet is healthy, and nothing seems to help them lose weight.

Your metabolism plays a vital role in any thyroid disorder. A slow metabolism is often associated with hypothyroidism. A sluggish metabolic response can lead to constipation, dry skin, fatigue, weight loss, and hair loss. There are emotional changes when there is hypothyroidism. These are mood changes, including depression and irritability. Symptoms can vary from person to person. Getting your thyroid checked thoroughly and supported correctly so you can feel better fast is vital.

Why is Hypothyroidism So Common Now? 

There are a few main reasons hypothyroidism is common now; here are some top ones. One possible reason is improved diagnostic methods and increased awareness of thyroid disorders, leading to more accurate identification and diagnosis.

Changes in lifestyle and the toxins in our environment may contribute to the rising cases of thyroid disorders. Our diet is deficient in iodine, selenium, and other vital nutrients that impact the thyroid gland.

Environmental factors such as endocrine-disrupting chemicals and toxins can affect thyroid function. For example, suppose you grew up in a toxic environment. In that case, that toxin can stay with you for years and slowly affect the endocrine system, including your thyroid.

YES! I understand your hypothyroidism frustration.  natural hypothyroidism treatment Atlanta

YES! I can run comprehensive thyroid labs on you. 

Yes! I can give you all-natural hypothyroidism treatment Atlanta which includes holistic remedies to help you feel better fast. 

Nutritionally Yours is located near Atlanta Ga.  We have virtual and in-office appointments. Hours are Monday – Friday 9-5 EST


hypothyroidism Atlanta Ga

I am very grateful for your help in teaching me how food can affect my thyroid. My diet was causing a sluggish thyroid which was contributing to my fatigue, weight gain, and depression. For many years I was told that I was depressed and needed to take antidepressants and that there wasn’t anything else wrong with me. I feel better than I have in years Thank you!”

Denise McKee

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