mast cell activation syndrome I help people suffering from Mast Cell Activation Disorder & Mast Cell Disease calm their immune system down from over-reacting to everything and anything. 

With mast cell activation syndrome, your body feels like everything is attacking it…let’s work together to calm down the attacks and help you live a normal life.

Mast cells are a part of the immune system. Mast cells are located in all of the organs, and the connective tissues in the body. When the mast cells sense stress, injury, toxins, or an infection, they release specific chemicals that trigger an immune response. This can be a good thing except when mast cells are upset or over-reactive, and they cause a storm in the body that feels like we are being attacked from the inside.

When an organ or area of the body is affected by mast cell activation, the mast cells tend to accumulate or build up in a specific area like the gastrointestinal tract, the respiratory system, the skin, or the cardiovascular system. This can produce adverse mast cell activation symptoms.

Another way these mast cells can cause havoc is by producing Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. This is the release of histamine, cytokines which make us feel terrible and under attack and reacting to everything we are in contact with. We can even feel like anything we eat, drink, or breathe is causing an attack.

Mast Cell Disease Symptoms:

itchy skin rashes sore throat
skin flushing shortness of breath Interstitial cystitis
hives vomiting brain fog
sweating heart palpitations insomnia
runny nose hypersensitivity to anything, or any food trouble with balance
exhaustion pain in any area of their body air hunger
panic attacks intense anxiety adverse medication reactions
depression numbness or tingling weather changes sensitivities
OCD light sensitivity gastroparesis
low-stress tolerance noise or sound sensitivity frequent urination

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Relief of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Can and Does Occur. Taking small steps is very important and remembering that every person/case is unique and different so one size does not fit all. Slow and steady is better than quick and all at once.

We care about YOU, we understand Mast Cell Disease (MCA).

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