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I Help People Know What to Eat to Lose Weight & Reduce Symptoms & Health Challenges.

We offer holistic nutrition counseling, food allergy testing, food intolerance testing to provide you with the answers you need for “What Should I Eat to Feel Great?” 

Food Allergy Testing Explained:
IgE is the immune pathway tested to determine immediate reactions to foods called a true food allergy. Only a tiny amount of people tested have true food allergies.

Food Intolerance  Testing Explained:
IgG & IgA are the immune pathways tested to determine delayed reactions to food which lead to inflammation or gut symptoms. Most people suffering from food reactions have a “DELAYED” reaction. Food Allergy Reactions can occur hours after a food is eaten, or even the next day. Since there is a delay in the reaction time, you may not realize a particular food causes the symptom. That is why our IgG / IgA Food Intolerance Testing Kit is so popular. Plus we can run Food Allergy Testing too. 


Typical Food Allergy or Intolerance Symptoms:

  • weight gain and inability to lose weight
  • emotional ups and downs
  • autoimmune attacks
  • brain fog
  • chronic pain
  • insomnia
  • gastrointestinal symptoms
  • constant immune challenges
  • inflammation
  • chronic fatigue
  • acne, eczema, and skin eruptions
  • itchiness
  • constant coughing
  • reflux
  • hyperactivity
  •  anxiety & panic 
  • tics & twitches
  • headaches & migraines

We Help You Learn What to Eat So You Feel Great. 

  • We educate our clients on the top food allergy/intolerances that can hinder weight loss and healing from health challenges.
  • We teach you easy and delicious substitutes to reduce food reactions. 
  • We can run food intolerance testing as needed to provide the answers you need for “What Do I Eat?”

Our office is located in Roswell, GA, and we serve the entire Metro, Atlanta, GA area, and the United States. We provide in person and virtual appointments  Monday – Friday.

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