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I Help People Know What to Eat. No FOOD CONFUSION HERE!

We offer nutrition counseling, food allergy testing, food intolerance testing and health / wellness support. 

Many people contact our clinic to learn what foods are best for their health and which foods they need to avoid. Many people are confused about which foods they are reacting to and they are looking for someone to provide FOOD CLARITY. 

Food Allergy Testing Explained:
IgE is the immune pathway tested to determine immediate reactions to foods called a true food allergy. Only a tiny amount of people tested have true food allergies.

Food Intolerance  Testing Explained:
IgG & IgA are the immune pathways tested to determine delayed reactions to food which lead to inflammation or gut symptoms. Most people suffering from food reactions have a” DELAYED”  reactions. Food Allergy Reactions can occur hours after a food is eaten, or even the next day. Since there is a delay in the reaction time, you may not realize a particular food causes the symptom. That is why our IgG / IgA Food Intolerance Testing Kit is so popular. Plus we can run Food Allergy Testing too. 

Typical Food Allergy or Intolerance Symptoms:
emotional ups and downs, autoimmune attacks, brain fog, pain, insomnia, GI issues, immune challenges, inflammation, fatigue, acne, eczema, and any skin eruptions, itchiness, coughing, reflux, hyperactivity, anxiety, tics, twitches, headaches, or even feeling overwhelmed.

How Can We Help Answer Your Food Questions? 

* We teach you what foods tend to cause reactions and how to adjust your daily diet, so you feel better and experience less food reaction causing symptoms. 

* We can run IgG /IgA / IgE Testing for 200 foods, food additives and gluten. 

* We can teach you the best diet lifestyle for YOU based on your individual needs.

Our office is located in Alpharetta, GA, and we serve the entire Metro, Atlanta, GA area, and the United States. We provide Phone, Face time, Zoom appointments  Monday – Friday.

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