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Are you concerned that you are suffering from symptoms of mold sickness and you live in Atlanta Ga or anywhere in the USA? We can help! 

Symptoms of mold sickness are real! You may be feeling run down, congested, confused, and dizzy, and you need someone to run the best test for mold toxicity to show you that you are correct.

Toxic molds are called “Mycotoxins”(poisons produced by molds), and they can wreak havoc in our bodies. 

We want our homes and places of work to be our safe places, but sometimes they are not…The nicest homes and offices can have mold. 

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symptoms of mold sickness Atlanta Ga

Your home may be beautiful, inside and out, but what truly matters is the health of the house.  Mold can hide in the nicest homes and buildings. Unfortunately, it may take years for the correct answer to your symptoms to be found, especially when dealing with an environmental illness like mold. But don’t worry…we know how to find it!

Symptoms of mold sickness: confusing fatigue, OCD, depression, brain fog, congestion, trouble breathing, yeast infections, constant sickness, throat or ear infections, upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, trouble sleeping, itching, rashes, pain, and more.

How to find out if a Toxic Mold Illness is causing your symptoms.
1) Make an appointment today.
2) We will run comprehensive labs to see if there is a mold or a mycotoxin issue.
3) We can also run other environmental toxin tests (chemicals, pesticides, etc.)

Beware of #1 Symptoms of Mold Sickness / Atlanta Ga Wellness

At your 2nd appointment, you will receive your answers AND have a plan to get you feeling better!

Don’t let a sick home get you down; we can help you. Your symptoms are real, and mold toxicity exists.

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symptoms of mold sickness Atlanta Ga

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