mold sickness Atlanta

Mold Sickness Atlanta / Testing for Mold in the Body

Are you concerned you are suffering from mold sickness?  Do you think your home or office is making you sick? We can help! 

You can be living or working in the nicest home or office, but what is lurking in the carpet, behind the paint, or in the vents is black mold. It can cause an illness quickly or slowly over time. 

Toxic molds are called “Mycotoxins”(poisons produced by molds), and they can wreak havoc in your body and health. 

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symptoms of mold sickness Atlanta Ga

Your home may be beautiful, inside and out, but what truly matters is the health of the house.  Mold can hide in the nicest homes and buildings. Unfortunately, it may take years for the correct answer to your symptoms to be found, especially when dealing with an environmental illness like mold. But don’t worry…we know how to find it!

Symptoms of mold sickness Atlanta: confusing fatigue, OCD, depression, brain fog, congestion, trouble breathing, yeast infections, constant sickness, throat or ear infections, upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, trouble sleeping, itching, rashes, pain, and more.

How to find out if a Mold Illness is causing your symptoms.
1) Make an appointment today.
2) We will run comprehensive labs to see if there is a mold or a mycotoxin issue.
3) We can also run other environmental toxin tests (chemicals, pesticides, etc.)

mold sickness Atlanta

Story: I had a patient ten years ago who bought a beautiful home in Fulton County. The wife was a flight attendant, and the husband worked from home. He was ill when the owners met him. The wife was energetic, happy, and healthy. When the family moved into the house, things were fine. Then, the mom started to feel extra tired, could not concentrate well, and got frequent upper respiratory illnesses. One of the children began to feel sick, too. Their cleaning lady showed the mom the bathroom tiles in the children’s bathroom and said they had black behind them. So the mom brought in a contractor that took apart the shower, and there it was, black mold gassing off. 

Mold was found in the air ducts to the mom’s and son’s rooms, the son’s shower, and the master shower. 

The mold was removed from the home, but that wasn’t enough. We ran testing on the entire family, and everyone had a high level of mold sickness inside them. After a few months of remedies, their health returned, and they could enjoy living in their beautiful and healthy new home. 

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symptoms of mold sickness Atlanta Ga

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