Nutritionally Yours Transforms Lives!

We are all about getting to the root cause of health challenges and giving YOU the correct plan to get YOU feeling better! We are pleased to offer Functional Medicine, Naturopathy, Health and Wellness Coaching & Holistic Nutrition Counseling.

Lab testing Don’t waste your valuable time and money with trial and error. Let us help you target your specific needs so you can get on the road to a healthier, happier lifestyle today!



1) Initial “COMPREHENSIVE NATUROPATHIC / NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATION” with Alane $225. This is a very comprehensive, 45 minute,  in depth appointment. I want to spend time with you, listen to you, understand your health struggles and get you on the right path to health and healing.

*Review of health symptoms and challenges
*Review of current diet and nutrition
*Determination of health situation (what is at the root of your health challenges)
* Testing  options are provided during your initial appointment to get to the root cause of symptoms and health challenges. Some tests can be run via insurance.
*Detailed and individualized plan put together at your initial appointment to start you on the right path.  *Email support for regular “active” clients. This is a quick and easy way to communicate with our practitioner.

*Test Results Follow Ups: $195

Quick Follow ups for regular patients without any test results $155 (usually 30 minutes)

Quick 15 minute weight check / without any test results $65

Emergency Appointments for colds/flu, etc: These are usually 15 minutes $65 plus remedies

*Long distance appointments are available via the telephone or ZOOM (like Skype) for the same fees.

* You can use your health savings account at our office.