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Looking for a Top Lyme Disease Atlanta Ga Specialist?

Looking for an all natural Lyme Disease treatment program in or near Atlanta? 

Our naturopath is Lyme Literate with 30+ years of experience. Plus she has had Lyme Disease since 1983 and understands how you feel. 

We help people in the Atlanta, Ga area and all over the country figure out if they got bit by a tic carrying Lyme Disease. Then we put them on an all natural protocol to help reduce their Lyme Disease symptoms and feel better again.  

Alane’s Personal Lyme Story: Click Here 

Is There Lyme Disease in Atlanta Ga? 

Lyme disease is a fast-growing tick-borne illness. Lyme disease has been reported in various regions across the United States, including Atlanta, Georgia. Understanding the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease can help minimize the long-term chronic effects of this condition.

Are Ticks a Problem in Atlanta? 

In Atlanta Georgia, ticks are known to transmit several infections and disease to unsuspecting individuals. 

The Atlanta Journal – Constitution states that “tick season is getting longer, and that means more risk of Lyme Disease Atlanta. “

*Note: If medical Lyme disease treatment is needed, we work with two MD’s to help you. 

We listen, we believe you, we understand. We get to the bottom of your Lyme Disease Atlanta symptoms and put you on an all natural protocol to get your body back to the way it was before that nasty tick bite.

Lyme Disease Atlanta Ga / Lyme Literate / ILADS Trained / Expert in the Field 

A little tic bite can cause damage to your body, and there are easy and natural things you can do to help free yourself of Lyme Disease symptoms. YES, you CAN get your life and body acting normal again.

The owner of Nutritionally Yours, Alane…. got bit by a Lyme-infected tick in 1983. This little tic bite completely rocked her world and changed her life’s path. She has tried all the traditional Lyme Disease, Atlanta, Ga treatment options, plus natural remedies. She will be happy to share her Lyme Disease story with you and what it took to regain her life and body from the disease that tried to take over her body. She had much trouble walking for ten years, stayed in bed often, and then one day said, “Enough!” I need to get educated on how to regain my life and health! And she did.

Lyme Disease Facts: The first thing someone may or may not notice is a skin rash in the shape of a bulls-eye. The second is flu-like symptoms that may last for days or weeks. Then, later on, they may feel joint pain, upset stomach, fatigue, headaches, brain fog, and overall weakness.  Lyme Disease comes from a bite of an infected tick. The tick can be from an animal, the woods, trees, or anything that can have an infected tick on it.

Why didn’t the antibiotics do the job? Many people with Lyme have received short-term antibiotics. They felt better initially but then felt Lyme symptoms again. This is because Lyme spirochetes are pathogens that can hide within the cells, so antibiotics cannot always affect them. The spirochetes then get stuck in bio-films, making the person feel basically “un-grounded” in this world – like living inside a spider’s web. Natural Lyme Disease support helps! We have natural immune support protocols that have helped many people with Lyme recover and get their lives back.

Lyme Disease Testing:  We can test within your insurance for basic Lyme. Comprehensive Lyme testing is self-pay for all co-infections and viruses. We can discuss options during your initial appt.

Nutritionally Yours is located near Atlanta Ga. We are able to help anyone in the USA. 

Virtual and in-person appointments Monday – Friday 9am-4pm EST

YES, you can recover from Lyme!
YES, you can feel fantastic again!
YES, we understand Lyme Disease and the symptoms trying to take over your body and your life!

READ Alane’s Personal Lyme Story 


lyme disease Atlanta Ga


“My daughter was diagnosed with mono  6 years ago. She was very healthy before, she never regained that health. She has suffered from migraines, severe fatigue, and joint pain.  We have been to every type of Doctor to get answers.  It was Alane that suggested she be tested for Lyme disease!  No one else even suggested she be tested for it.  She has it…and is now getting treatment.  

The fibromyalgia that I thought I had been living with for 6 years turned out to be Lyme as well.  I am being treated and I am beginning to see improvement.  

We are very thankful for Alane and Nutritionally Yours.”

Helped Save My Life!
Alane and her team are absolutely wonderful. She has really helped to save my life. No joke. If you are looking for improvement in your health, no matter ailment, go see her! She is worth it. Thank you, Alane for all you do.
– Melanie, Atlanta, Ga

Feeling ALIVE again!
Hi Alane and Team, just wanted to let you know this is a beautiful morning for me because of the progress I am experiencing in my initial three weeks of treatment in a 2 year struggle of health caused by a tick bite. I was just living until I could feel ALIVE again. At last, I have hope once more recovery is on the way. Thank you to the wonderful team (I mean EVERYONE!) for the compassionate professional care you provide. Hearts in service for others.


Severe anxiety turned out to be Lyme
“Where at least 4 MD’s failed at diagnosing my 16 year old niece , Alane, the Naturopath found out what was wrong in no time at all. My niece had Lyme Disease and not one physician even tested for it–instead tried to put her on psychiatric drugs with major side effects. Alane is credited with saving my nieces life-literally. Because of her correct instincts -her clinic ordering the right tests–then working with a MD, Alane saved her. I am a patient of Alane’s now for some issues that frankly I only trust Alane to address and fix.” 


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