naturopath atlanta

A Naturopathic practitioner teaches their patients how to obtain better health and wellness…naturally

“Hi, I am a Naturopath, Atlanta, Ga and I love what I do. Since I primarily work virtually I am able to help people all over the USA feel better”  Alane 

A health improving protocol from me may consist of: herbal remedies, homeopathy, supplements, dietary adjustments & getting to the root cause of health struggles, so the path to healing is clear. 

Alane has worked as a naturopathic practitioner for almost 30 years. She started her work in NJ and moved to Atlanta in 1996. She has a genuine love for what she does, and her greatest joy is to help people overcome health challenges and move on to more fulfilling lives!

Naturopathy has been in the United States for more than 100 years. A Naturopath acknowledges and works to assist the self-healing process in every individual. They seek to identify and eliminate the underlying cause of illness rather than to eliminate or suppress symptoms. We  emphasize education and encourages self-responsibility for health. We teach clients how to self heal.  Each client is a whole person that has “individual” physical, mental, genetic, spiritual, environmental, and social factors and needs.

We recognize the importance of disease “prevention.” The evaluation we perform is to determine the cause of existing or potential health concerns.  It is the correct interventions and support programs which are the key to creating and maintaining optimal health & balance in each client.

Example of an appointment with a Naturopath Atlanta. 

*You will be given paperwork to fill out to understand your symptoms and health challenges and daily diet.

*Labs will be run to get to the root cause of symptoms and discover any metabolic imbalances that need to be addressed so you feel better.

*A natural protocol will be taught to you consisting of herbal remedies, a few supplements, and dietary adjustments. 

*The goal is to learn more about yourself and YOUR health, so YOU know what to do to feel fantastic in life.

Nutritionally Yours is located in Duluth, GA, about 45 minutes north of Atlanta, Georgia.

We offer phone, face-time, and zoom appointments Monday – Friday  9-4 EST