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Vitamin deficiency testing Atlanta is crucial to identify the specific nutrient imbalances within your body and guide you on targeted supplementation. 

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to vitamin intake; understanding what vitamins your body needs can optimize overall health and well-being. This allows for a personalized approach, tailoring supplement plans to support specific deficiencies and avoid unnecessary supplementation. 

Taking only the vitamins your body needs can help optimize nutrient absorption, prevent potential interactions or adverse effects, and ensure your nutritional regimen aligns with your unique requirements. A balanced and individualized approach to vitamin supplementation, guided by testing and expert advice, promotes optimal health and supports your body’s specific needs.




When it comes to checking for vitamin deficiency and personalizing supplementation, seeking the guidance of an experienced professional is crucial. Alane from Nutritionally Yours, with over 30 years of experience in holistic health therapies, including vitamin supplementation, can provide valuable insights. 

Her approach emphasizes the importance of tailoring vitamin intake to match individual needs, ensuring that clients only take the vitamins necessary for their bodies. By consulting with Alane, you can benefit from her expertise and personalized recommendations to address any vitamin deficiencies and optimize your nutritional health.

Studies have shown that 50% of people taking a multivitamin are still functionally deficient in essential nutrients vital to long-term health. Deficiencies suppress the function of the immune system and contribute to degenerative processes.

Even people with healthy dietary and life habits can have a vitamin deficiency. Biochemical individuality, absorption, chronic conditions, age, and lifestyle influence individual micronutrient requirements. Even a healthy-looking person can have vitamin, mineral, or antioxidant deficiencies that may only be revealed through micronutrient testing.

Our Vitamin Deficiency Test includes: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acid deficiencies.

schedule 203151616 300x107 1 vitamin deficiency testing Atlanta,vitamin deficiency Atlanta,vitamin deficiency


Suppose you want to get a comprehensive assessment of your vitamin levels. In that case, Nutritionally Yours in Atlanta, GA, is your go-to destination for expert vitamin testing. Led by Alane Wincek, ND, CNC, their team specializes in thoroughly and accurately analyzing vitamin and mineral levels, including intracellular (active) measurements. Through their advanced testing methods, they can evaluate your vitamin status and other essential nutrients. 

Alane’s expertise and commitment to holistic health ensure you receive a comprehensive understanding of your body’s vitamin needs. 

With Nutritionally Yours, you can trust their expertise to guide you toward optimal health and well-being through personalized vitamin testing and recommendations.

Getting your vitamin levels checked is easy. Please book an appointment in our Atlanta-based clinic, and talk to us about your health and concerns. We will order vitamin testing and anything else you need for optimal health.

schedule 203151616 300x107 1 vitamin deficiency testing Atlanta,vitamin deficiency Atlanta,vitamin deficiency

Vitamin Deficiency Testing Atlanta

Can My Doctor Test Me for Vitamin Deficiency?

Yes, your doctor can test you for vitamin deficiency; however, it’s important to note that the standard testing conducted by most labs provides a static measurement of vitamin levels rather than assessing intracellular activity. 

For a more comprehensive understanding of your vitamin status and intracellular functioning, specialized testing from experts is needed. Their advanced testing methods go beyond static measurements, providing insights into your body’s active levels of vitamins and minerals. This detailed analysis can accurately represent your overall vitamin status, and guide targeted supplementation recommendations for optimal health and wellness.

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