If you are searching for the best coach for an ADHD Diet Atlanta / Holistic Nutrition Plan, you’ve found it.

If you are trying to learn the best ADHD diet to help improve focus or behavior problems, we can help!

We love helping children focus better…. …..which leads to less anxiety, better social skills, improved grades… and happier life for all!

Some reasons for ADHD or focus issues:

  • Food intolerance
  • Toxic metal
  • Neurotransmitter imbalance
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Mineral deficiency
  • Poor gut health 
ADHD diet Atlanta

YES! I personally understand your desires for a focused child. The term ADHD struck our house when my sons were young. At age 4 my oldest had a hard time sitting still in school and by 1st grade I was getting phone calls from the teacher on a daily basis. She had he was squirming in his seat and throwing erasers when he was finished with his work. My first thought was to change him to a private school, but that did not help. I had to look inside the child, to know how to help him. 

We found high aluminum, a gluten intolerance, a need for an ADHD diet,  MTHFR gene deficiency and a few other items needing support. In a matter of a few weeks he did a huge turn-around. The phone calls stopped and even a good friend said, “What ever you are doing with your son, don’t stop”. Now at age 30 he runs a company and I am so proud of him. 

We serve the entire metro Atlanta Ga area and the entire USA.  Our ADHD Diet Atlanta, Ga is easy to follow and we coach you every step of the way.

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Attention-Deficit / ADHD Diet Atlanta, Ga.
We have had many appointments with parents that say this is their last hope. They know the cause of their child’s ADHD symptoms is simple, but no one has put their finger on it yet. Many of our parents do not want their children put on years of medication that can be habit-forming.  They ask for natural treatments for ADHD, hyperactivity, poor behavior, and even poor speech to help their child succeed in life & be happier, healthier, and clear-headed. 

ADHD diet coach Atlanta

ADHD Diet, Atlanta, Ga and Food Allergies Reactions
YES! .
..food can trigger a good day or a bad day for you and your child. Easy to run, food intolerance testing will identify food triggers. These foods can be different for every child with attention deficit symptoms. And no worries, we teach nutrition counseling to make sure your child is happy with their diet. There are always kid- friendly options if changes are needed.

Does Alane understand kids and attention deficit symptoms? Absolutely! She has been working successfully with families for over 20 years plus raised two active boys of her own.

Example of one of our successes: One of my very first patients was a teenage boy with severe ADHD symptoms. Mom was very scarred as she needed him to behave in school and do his schoolwork well. She was a single mom that worked full time. The first time he came in he started to pull books down from my shelves, talked a mile a minute and rocked the massage table around. All I did was adjust his diet to an ADHD Diet. At the 2nd appt just 2 weeks later, they returned. He came in, laid down on the massage table and asked calmly and politely if he could fix a screw that was lose on it. Then he told me how much he liked the new foods I suggested and mom smiled.  All was well and everyone was happy.

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