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"Ageless Skin" - Collagen Skincare Sets

Our ageless skincare routine is much more than a simple routine, it is actually a shortcut to a more youthful, beautiful, and healthier you.

  • First, we will teach you how to properly cleanse your face with a collagen product that exfoliates all dead skin cells, and brightens and evens out your skin tones.  It will repair damage caused by environmental stressors. You will have clean, smooth, and glowing skin.


  • Second, we will treat your skin with an amazing serum that deeply hydrates and locks in moisture protecting it from free radical damage and it will target all the signs of aging. Your skin will be youthful and radiant with its complexion. Glowing rejuvenated beauty!


  • Third, we will teach you how to replenish your skin with a collagen-plumping moisturizer. It will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, deeply hydrate, boost collagen production, and firm and smooth the skin. It will be an intense surge of moisture to your skin. Your skin will look and feel amazingly soft to the touch.

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Hi, I am Alane Wincek and I have over 30 years of experience helping women and men enjoy many anti-aging benefits. I am 61 and I am told I don’t look my age, nor do I feel my age. 

If you are wanting to feel and look younger, and experience “ageless living” you have found the right place.

My anti aging, Atlanta GA protocols have the ability to slow down or even reverse the natural aging process. Getting older does not mean you have to look or feel old.  Our top anti aging techniques bolster your body’s ability to age gracefully, with vitality & energy.

It’s not how old we get, but how we age and get old that matters to us.  

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How to Use Collagen Properly

We will teach you how to use collagen properly because not all collagen peptides are the same. We only want you to use what works. 

We will teach you how to control the gene switches, which activate collagen creation and disable the enzymes that actually break it down. 

We will teach you how to hydrate your skin from the inside out to:

  • Reduce wrinkles

  • Reduce cellulite

  • Reduce sun spots

  • Improve skin texture

  • Support muscle recovery

  • Support mental clarity

  • Healthy inflammation responses. 

Next, we will teach you what the #1 antioxidant is, and no, it’s not Vitamin C. 

Collagen Skincare Atlanta | Nutritionally Yours Skincare Sets

The #1 antioxidant will prevent your gene switches that turn “on” inflammation. We will help you turn them “off” to support cellular repair and longevity. We will also teach you how to suppress enzymes that degrade collagen and our skin matrix caused by free radicals and inflammation.

We will turn “off” that switch for you!

The Benefits of Working with Alane & Nutritionally Yours

  • Anti Aging Atlanta GA Diet: I will teach you how to eat so you will feel and look younger and more vibrant. 

  • I will teach you about the top vitamins to support a healthy and strong body so you can accomplish more in life. 

  • Peptide therapy is available in non-invasive pill form to support collagen, muscle mass, strength, beauty, weight loss, and immune health. 

  • Hormone balance with bio-identical hormone support. Saliva testing is available at our clinic. 

  • We run comprehensive metabolic and health blood testing so you know precisely what your body needs to thrive. 

  • Bone health support 

  • Eliminate most chronic pain and inflammation.

  • Test for vitamin deficiencies so you know what your body needs.

Collagen Skincare Atlanta | Nutritionally Yours Skincare Sets

How To Get Ageless Skin

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  • I’ll teach you how to treat your skin properly so your skin is deeply hydrated and the moisture is locked in.

  • You will learn how to protect your skin from free radicals and it will target signs of aging. Your skin will be youthfully radiant, and glowing and you will have rejuvenated beauty!

  • Last, I will teach you how to replenish your collagen with a proper plumping moisturizer that will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, deeply hydrate, boost collagen production, and firm and smooth your skin. Your skin will look and feel softer than it ever has. 


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What if we can help you control cravings, burn more fat, boost your metabolism, promote healthy blood glucose levels, lower inflammation, and optimize insulin sensitivity? 

What if you could finally drop those pounds you’ve been struggling with and do it in a healthy and natural way?

Weight loss is much more than calories in, and calories out. It’s about controlling appetite, having a healthier gut, supporting insulation function, and stimulating fat-burning metabolism. Control cravings and burn more fat!

Our weight loss program is powered by nature and backed by science. 

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