ThumbsUPThis page full of testimonials from clients we have helped over the years. Looking forward to helping YOU too!


Thank You So Much!
Good Afternoon Ms. Alane,

My name is Ms. A.S. and you may not remember me but I came to you probably 7 or 8 years ago because I was struggling with really bad eczema at the time. You were the only person that gave me any real solution to the problems I was having. I wanted to reach out to you to say thank you for all of your help. Your expertise and guidance really did a lot for me. Now I am doing a bit of modeling in the area and wouldn’t have had the confidence to do so with my skin being the way it was. I appreciate you and all that you do.Thank you so much again for your help!

-Ms. A.S. 

Alane and her team are absolutely wonderful. She has really helped to save my life. No joke. If you are looking for improvement in your health, no matter ailment, go see her! She is worth it. Thank you, Alane for all you do.

Feeling Great After Only 2 Weeks!
Looking forward to reviewing all the blood-work with you in 2 weeks and getting this old body of mine back on track. In just one week of being on your program, I have more energy. It is a miracle!! Can’t wait to see what else I can do to support my metabolism and body.
Thank you! -Stephanie


Feeling ALIVE again!
Hi Alane and Team, just wanted to let you know this is a beautiful morning for me because of the progress I am experiencing in my initial three weeks of treatment in a 2 year struggle of health caused by a tick bite. I was just living until I could feel ALIVE again. At last, I have hope once more recovery is on the way. Thank you to the wonderful team (I mean EVERYONE!) for the compassionate professional care you provide. Hearts in service for others. – Amy Immel


What she practices is a testament to her life’s calling!
My quest for good health via Nutritionally Yours started almost six years ago.
After a decade of dealing with debilitating gut issues and diminishing eyesight due to constant eye infections, I sought out alternative…medical doctors had told me all this was due to stress and there was not much they could do for me. Knowing that I ate what I considered a healthy diet but still suffered days away from work and life in general  due to constant colitis attacks, I began searching and found Alane’s website.

Even before ordered my first round of blood work, Alane made a few suggestions regarding a gluten-free diet and even trying cosmetics that are gluten-free, which I had no idea even existed. I saw immediate results as my gut and eye infections began to subside, and I even lost some weight which had begun to show up all over, even with regular exercise and watching what I ate. Weeks later, my blood work results confirmed that I did indeed have an intolerance to gluten, made worse by an autoimmune disease I harbored.

Alane helped me to map out a gluten-free lifestyle, and added key supplements that over time have fixed my gut and eye issues! As I’ve neared age 50, she has helped me over the years to also remedy any additional changes with my body, and without the use of prescription meds.
It is amazing to have been in search of a regimen for optimal health that the average MD would not discuss with me, past their writing a quick Rx and sending me on my way. When I’d return to them to talk about the side effects they would tell me treatment was “this way or no way”……
Alane’s initial perception of how our bodies function (or should function!) naturally is amazing. She has a very practical and personal approach to achieving mind, body, and spiritual balance and wellness. I believe what she practices is a testament to her life’s calling! And she passes her wisdom along to those of us who are blessed to find her!

Recently finding out I have Lyme disease and working through my ongoing treatment (naturally with Alane), and also with the MD at her clinic, has been my latest reason for belief in Alane’s protocols and trust in her intuition of what is wrong. I can say for sure that I feel better than I have in years! I feel pretty sure my family MD would have never gone this direction in testing for my chronic inflammation and would have found this culprit.

I feel blessed to have found Alane—in so many ways she has helped me back to an amazing quality of life!!! Now both my husband and I are enjoying life to its fullest!


Thank You!
I started seeing Alane over a year ago for late stage chronic Lyme disease along with 4 other tick born illnesses. I was literally dying by the time I found her, as I had developed heart damage, brain damage, thyroid, autoimmune …my body was just dying. She is very knowledgeable about specific bloodwork that other healthcare providers overlooked, diet in order to make my body healthy enough to start fighting off the illnesses, and supplements that my body was depleted of from the illnesses and needed to start getting healthy again. She even had knowledge of outside help for the things she couldn’t treat such as my brain lesions. Alane and her staff were a Godsend to me. She actually saved my life. I am back to work, participating in my family and life again. I don’t know where I would be right now had I not found her. Other’s close to me that had given up hope have been amazed at how far I’ve come while seeing Alane.


Weight Loss and Improved Energy!
I met with Alane with a starting weight of 280 lbs and no idea why I couldn’t lose weight. After a simple blood work test Alane quickly discovered my issue. She created a meal plan for me and worked with me to achieve my goals. Today I’m weighing in at 235 lbs and healthy as a horse all thanks to Nutritionally Yours. Alane really cares about your personal well being and she’s not there just to break the bad news to you. I would definitely recommend Nutritionally Yours to anyone with health issues that could stem from nutrition.

Living a Normal Life Again!
I wanted to thank you for your help. I am currently feeling great and have been symptom free since Saturday. The aloe vera, Agrisept-L, and fish oil combo seem to be doing great for me. You really don’t know how much it means to me to get help like this to the point where I feel like I can overcome this condition and live a much better quality of life. Thank you so much!

Hyperactivity and Sickly, Calm and Healthy Now

Alane’s nutritional advice helped my daughter’s physical and emotional  health tremendously.  She went from whiny, chronically sick (sinus and ear  infections), hyperactive and incredibly difficult to happy, sweet, healthy,  focused, and “normal”!  Her immune system has been so strong even through  this flu season that her pediatrician’s office thought we switched doctors.  We used to be there 1-3 times a week during rough periods and we haven’t  been in 3 months!

Thanks Alane for all of your help!

Dry, Itchy Skin Feeling and Looking Better
I took my daughter to see Alane as a last resort after several visits to her pediatrician and different dermatologists. My daughter had a skin condition that continued to worsen and the doctors continued to prescribe steroid creams.  The tests Alane took determined that she was reacting to many foods and what was lacking in her diet. Alane recommended we change her diet and suggested some supplements.  I have seen a remarkable change in my daughter’s skin. The dry, scaly and weeping sores are gone and so is the unbearable itching!

You are wonderful. I am wonderful too!
When I first saw Alane I had 3-4 auto immune disorders, diabetes, genital herpes, shingles and interstitial cystitis. I went on her specific elimination diet, lost 30 pounds, plus lost the IC and and about to go off metformin entirely. So thank you for getting me there.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are wonderful. I am wonderful too!

From one of your biggest fans. Kathy Glenn RN

Ulcerative Colitis Finally Better
    Dear Alane, thank you so much for helping my son ! He has suffered with ulcerative colitis for many years. When I took him to the doctor he had tremendous stomach pain, completely bloody stools and vomited on a regular basis. In my heart I have always felt that the underlying cause of his illness was parasites. His regular PCP checked for parasites and found nothing so he was put on steroids to help reduce the symptoms but not find the underlying cause.
    It was not until I saw you Alane, that I have felt that there may actually be light at the end of the tunnel. I had two options at this point – put him on very serious prescription medication that had bad side effects or take your guidance.  I did recognize and appreciate the knowledge base that you have and I could tell that you had experience in this area, which gave me comfort. You also told me that you prayed for wisdom and that was comforting as well.
    The testing you did was different than anyone else’s.  He did have parasites and more then one! Plus a gluten intolerance. I can honestly say that my son has been symptom free now Thank you so much!

I was in trouble and at the end of my rope. My doctors have prescribed 25 medications for me and I was overweight and constantly in pain. It was so difficult to stay positive because after visiting doctor after doctor there didn’t seem to be a solution. Several of my medications caused the weight gain and I was developing even more health problems. This was the third year of being overweight and having pain all of the time. After some discussion with my husband, we decided to try the natural route. He did some research and found Nutritionally Yours and Alane Palmer. We immediately setup an appointment with her. She was sincerely concerned and thought that she could help me, but she wanted to do some tests before making a final treatment decision. I was trying to be hopeful, but in reality, I was thinking here we go again. I really didn’t think she would be able to help. After the test came back, Ms. Palmer suggested that I take several supplements and start a diet program. To date, I have lost over 70 pounds and almost reached my goal weight. Most of my medical problems are under control and I was able to reduce the number of medications that I was taking. I highly recommend Nutritionally Yours to anyone with medical or weight problems. The staff is so helpful and they are always available for any help that you may need. Don’t do like I did and see medical doctor after medical doctor when you could be so much better in less than 6 months.

Nutritionally Yours was the answer for me and I hope that you will give it a try.

ADHD Improved
Thank you so very much for the help you have provided our family with the natural alternatives suggested to treat our son’s ADHD.  We have seen a  tremendous difference in his hyperactivity and focus and, while under your  suggested regimen, he is less confrontational and a much happier person.   We are looking forward to school starting and a successful academic year.  

Best We’ve Found…and We’ve Seen Many!!
We had gone to multiple GI doctors to try to find out what was causing our daughter so much pain. After almost 2 years of numerous lab tests, CT and MRI scans with no answers we finally decided to go see Alane Palmer at Nutritionally Yours. She did some DNA testing and found the answer to our little girls problems. She changed her diet, gave us supplements to help cure her problem and it has been life changing to our sweet girl. We can’t sing Alane Palmer’s praises enough. She knows what she’s doing and we are forever grateful to her. We have recommended her to a few friends who also are so thankful for how she has helped them.

She’s amazing!!

Pituitary Problem Found and Fixed
Alane, if it was not for you, I would probably be dead. You are the one who started the cascade to improve my health and I cannot find enough words to thank you! I know I will get better, and I know my life will improve all because of you!  An infinite number of thank yours!

I love you! Cheryl D.

Seizures Better
I came to see Alane at Nutritionally Yours because my child was having seizure attacks.  Alane helped us with identifying what the underlying causes of the attacks were and reducing the severity of them.   I know that with continued effort we will see our child seizure free.  I would recommend Alane and Nutritionally Yours to anyone.

Thank you Alane for helping us,

Years of Lyme Improved
I just wanted to tell you how great I am doing. This past weekend I felt better than I have in over 20 years. I had so much energy and got so much accomplished for the holidays. I have also lost 19 lbs on the AI Paleo diet. You saved my life! Thank you so much!

Thanks, Cynthia H

Feeling Great
My symptoms have been going on for 4+ years. So far you have done more than anyone else for me. And you put a name on what is going on. Thank you!

Dana M.

Thyroid Helped
I am very grateful for Ms. Palmer for identifying an underlying thyroid condition. For many years I was told that I was depressed and needed to take antidepressants and that there wasn’t anything else wrong with me. Through Alane’s help, I discovered that I have a thyroid condition which can also cause depression and fatigue. I feel better than I have in years. Thank you!


No More Crohn’s!
Thanks again for all your help…it’s amazing how much better I feel!  My doctor put me on medicine for Crohn’s Disease and recommended certain foods to help with my symptoms. But my symptoms got worse.  I won’t go
into unpleasant details, but they were interfering with my daily activities.  I always had to be near a bathroom, and quick access. There was also severe cramping associated with these ‘episodes’.

You told me you suspected that I had some food reactions, and which foods to avoid.  The morning after our first appointment, I went grocery shopping for the new foods you suggested.   During that shopping trip, I had to run to the bathroom twice with severe cramps, etc.  I will remember that morning clearly because it was  the LAST TIME I had those symptoms!  It was an overnight difference.  The test we did came back and supported your suspicions that I was intolerant to certain foods.  I have been off the problem foods and the difference is amazing!  My system is much more regulated, and I have not had those kinds of cramps since that morning.  I have also been using the products you recommended (nutrients, vitamins) to help balance my intestinal system, and I can tell a big difference in how I feel overall.  I now have no difficulties at work and can go anywhere with my family without the fear of being stuck somewhere without a bathroom.

So, thanks again for your help.  I’ve been bragging to my colleagues about how much better I feel; a few of them have problems of their own, so you may be hearing from them soon!!  I look forward to our next

Sincerely, Ilene

Austism/Asperger’s Syndrome
“Alane Palmer began helping my Asperger’s diagnosed son after I sought her advice regarding his upcoming chelation therapy. She did a hair analysis which showed high levels of toxic metals, and low Calcium & Magnesium. Jacob is showing marked improvement in motor control and reduced anxiety since he started working with her. Just this week, he was willing to ride down a raft water slide alone and follow the lifeguard’s instructions without confusion. For most moms this would be taken for granted, but for me it was a gift from heaven.

Alane colors her analytical expertise with a mother’s instinct and compassion. The autism community is blessed to have her.” – Lisa

Finding Food Intolerances Improves Child’s Life
Having our food intolerances identified has made such a dramatic difference for my son Alex.  Alex is taking a shower for the first time in his seven years voluntarily without discomfort at having water on his head.  He has been focused on tasks that were not possible before, like legos and building block villages.  Before he would build a little and then toss blocks all over the floor.  Now, he is building whole cities. When he is done, with only a little encouragement, he picks the blocks up and puts them away. This would not have happened before.  Trying to get him to pick up the blocks would have lead to great frustration for both of us.  He is
volunteering to play music that he learned in piano class and is trying again instead of giving up if he makes a mistake.  Alex is a lot calmer and more cooperative and he is much happier since we got rid of his allergens. He also has had no more stomach troubles.

Identifying Food Intolerance’s Helps Busy Mom
I am feeling much better also.  I am finishing things for the first time in my life.  I am organizing things more easily now when it would have been impossible before. I coordinated all the crafts for 150 kids in Bible School this summer. This entailed planning, purchasing, preparing, and teaching for all age groups. This was in addition to making special snacks in the morning for my own kids and making sure we had a suitable lunch ready when we came home.  I was able to enjoy Bible School and the kids instead of feeling like a chicken with my head cut off, which is how I felt last year.  It was great! I was prepared this year, instead of being up all night preparing the crafts because of brain fog.  If you would have told me that I was allergic to garlic and eggs before, I would not have believed it, since I ate them nearly every day. But now I know that they were causing me a lot of symptoms that I did not realize.  

I feel like I have been released from a prison sentence or something.  I am looking forward to continued healing for all of us.  Thank you so much!  You have truly made a huge difference in our lives.  No MD could ever give me a reason for symptoms that you demystified in one test!!!  A million thanks from a grateful Mom!

This testimony is written with heartfelt gratitude!

Gut Health Improved!
“Alane Palmer has helped me to rid my body of bacteria, parasites, pain and discomfort in only a couple of short months. By following her simple diet for me and by getting a few easy tests done, I was able to learn what foods I am intolerant to and are not good for my body.  I haven’t felt this great in months!”

Autism Symptoms Improved at School
Thank you for all your help!  After only TWO weeks on the diet you suggested the kids definitely seem more focused and clear.  They are able to learn better too and can remember things more. Their mom thinks their eyes look clearer.  They look at us and the world around them more.  They can complete tasks better too. Today I told one child to go get some pajama bottoms. He went to his room and got them out of the drawer and came back to me, no problems.  He could not do this task on his own before.  

Lara  S.
Therapist & Teacher working with autistic children

Skin Rash on Cheeks all Better
Just wanted to drop you a quick note about my son, William. Since you last saw him and suggested a protocol to help him, his cheek rash has completely cleared up. I have also removed tomatoes from his diet and his skin has  100% cleared. Best it has looked in 5 months! Just amazing!!! All  of the MD allergist and pediatricians could not resolve it and simply gave me steroids for the persisting rash, refusing to investigate the root cause.

His sleeping has become so much more predictable too. He is really thriving and happy!  My mind has really been put at ease about his  mysterious rash. I look forward to seeing you in a couple months.

Thanks for your support,  Kelly

Mysterious Symptoms – Root Cause Found
Hi Alane, I wanted to thank you for your help in identifying my thyroid problem.  Before I came to see you everyone said my thyroid was normal and I should take anti-depressants. You were the only one that truly believed me. Tests revealed that my thyroid levels were continually dropping over time. My symptoms were low blood pressure, ear pressure, extreme fatigue, dizziness and blood sugar swings. My thyroid is finally being supported properly and I am feeling so much better! Thanks so much for your help!


Focus & Mood Improves
Our 12 year old daughter’s hair analysis showed high Aluminum and food allergy testing showed an allergy to dairy. Her symptoms were similar to ADD. She could read ok, but could not comprehend or remember what she read. Less than 30 days on Alane’s program her focus and mood improved drastically!

Thank you Alane!” – Kim

Acne clears up fast!
I always had minor breakouts as a teenager, but it drastically increased in my twenties. I tried several topical products with little or no results. My mother finally suggested it might be related to something internal. I did a little research and found  Alane. She ran a delayed food allergy test and discovered the food I was eating was affecting my system and thus my skin.  I changed my diet and she placed me some supplements and I saw results literally within a few weeks. Not only was my skin clearer, I had more energy and my allergy symptoms decreased also. I am so grateful to  Alane for helping me finally solve the mystery to my ongoing acne.

Leslie J.

Cystic Acne Improved
I am 51 years old and have suffered from cystic acne since my early 20’s.  My doctors told me it was hormonal, “something that I would grow out of when I hit menopause”, in my late 40’s they told me it was because I was menopausal.  Over the years, I had been on every acne medication out there, from topicals to pills, including Accuntane and Prednizone.  I’ve spent thousands on peels, facials, lasers and even followed diets for “beautiful skin” yet I still had cystic acne.  

Two years ago in addition to the cystic acne, my body started reacting to everything I ate, almost like my body wasn’t processing foods properly.  I suffered with Candida Albicans, bloating, constipation, gastrointestinal issues, brain fog and my face would break out in severe hives with quarter size welts that would develop into painful cysts that would last for weeks.  I was sent from one doctor to the next, each suggesting a new prescription instead of getting to the root of my problems.

At a loss and fed up I decided to take a more natural route.  I stopped taking the drugs and began a yeast free diet.  I lost weight, started to feel better, yet my gastro issues and acne seemed worse.  I continued my research on line for that special someone that could help me overcome my issues.

When I discovered Nutritionally Yours, I knew Alane would be my savior!  Alane was very knowledgeable and attentive and she really listened to me. The fact that she could identify with and understand my frustrations and misery won me over.  We discussed my diet and discovered what foods were affecting my system.  Since I have been following her advice and using the supplements and tools she has given me, my health has improved.  I feel I’m in control of my body again, and best of all, my skin is clear!  It angers me that I spent 30 years of poisoning my body with drugs to fight acne when all along my problems have been due to food allergies/intolerance.

I am extremely grateful to Alane and Nutritionally Yours for helping me conquer my lifelong battle against acne. Thank you!!!

Finally satisfied with my appearance
I have been with Ms. Palmer for over a year now. I started with just pure dissatisfaction with myself and my appearance. I was gaining weight and didn’t know how to stop it or even control it for that matter. I visited Ms. Palmer as a last resort and soon realized that this should’ve been my initial choice since that would have saved me from the numerous fad diets, diet pills etc.

I feel so much better about myself now, I have always been a very confident person and I lost that for a little bit but Ms. Palmer helped me in losing 20lbs. and I feel like myself now. We are looking forward to starting a family now, and I know that I am more aware of things I put into my body and my family and I will be able to lead a healthy lifestyle and of course, have to lose the baby weight.

So, take it from me and at least give it a try and you will see the results.

Thanks, Mariya

Lyme and Mono Improved
My daughter was diagnosed with mono  6 years ago. She was very healthy before, she never regained that health. She has suffered from migraines, severe fatigue and joint pain.  We have been to every type of Doctor to get answers.  It was Alane that suggested she be tested for Lyme disease!  No one else even suggested she be tested for it.  She has it…and is now getting treatment.  

We are very thankful for Alane Palmer and Nutritionally Yours.

Underweight Child is Thriving Now
I want to thank you, my daughter is improving significantly.  She has  increased her weight to 52lbs and continues to increase the amount of food she eats.  Her teacher is also please to see the marked difference in her attention and increase energy.  We went to see our  Pediatric GI & I told the Dr. if she could not tell me the cause of my
daughter’s lack of appetite then I was going to continue working with you as it seems to be working.


Figured it Out
I wanted to give you a heartfelt thank you. After years of ill health, you helped figure out what was causing my symptoms almost immediately. I had really been praying for a road or path to better health and I was led to you.

Nancy C

Kiss ADHD Goodbye
We sought Ms. Palmer’s help for our 10-year-old son, who has been diagnosed ADHD. We were concerned about side effects of the stimulant medication he was on: particularly, his lack of appetite, irritability, and trouble falling and staying asleep. The hair and blood antibody testing we completed this summer with Ms. Palmer showed that our son has 2 severe food allergies, as well as abnormally high aluminum.  Already, after only a few weeks on the nutritional supplements and the diet prescribed by Dr. Palmer, we’re seeing improvement in his sleep and daytime calmness. We’re very hopeful that with continued treatment, we may be able to kiss ADHD and stimulant medications goodbye for good!


I Got My Life Back!
A year ago I was in poor health, always tired, anxious, bad GI health and moody. I stumbled  on  Alane’s website. I knew that she was the one that was going help me get my life back.

We did several tests throughout the year and all of them have been very instrumental in getting my life back.  I have found out my vitamins and mineral  levels were not balanced which were responsible for my fatigue. We have found through the GI test that I was  full of bacteria, have a leaky gut and colon inflammation which was responsible for my GI problems. We found out through the hormone panel that I was estrogen dominant, hyperthyroid and insulin resistant, which was to blame for my moodiness. And the Organic Acids urine test showed that I had blocks in different metabolic and energy pathways.

Once we did these test we were able to put all the pieces together.  Alane changed my diet and put me on some of the best supplements.  I am  not the person I was a year ago. I  can now keep up with my 5 kids and supportive husband. I am no longer moody and anxious. I can now sleep and not be tired during the day.  I could of never done  it without Alane and her wonderful team who had the patience to help me get better. I can honestly say they gave me my life back and I will forever be thankful.


Down 21 Pounds and No More Stomach Pains
Prior to seeing Alane, I suffered from phantom pains that came out of no where in all kinds of places  which would only last a second and had bad mood swings.   I had constant stomach problems accompanied by loose stools and extreme gas.   Along with those problems I also gained about 20 pounds  in the last year.

 My husband and I had known Alane previously, and my he strongly advised me to go see her and find out if this might be related to my diet. I explained to Alane all my issues and she put my on a specific plan.  I was to eliminated certain foods from my diet, which was hard for me as they were all  things I loved.  She also taught me  to start reading labels whenever I went to the grocery store.   I am  a very lazy person and would never  imagine changing how  I ate but  I had made up my mind that had had  to something about my current  situation.  I can continue to live in pain and be unhappy or do something about it.   It would not hurt me to try something different.   

Since being on this new plan, I have lost 21 pounds, and I don’t have any more mysterious pains, or stomach problems.  How amazing that changing what I  ate had that much of impact on my body.   Thanks so much Alane for what you have done for my husband and me!

Rose P.

Little Girl With Ulcerative Colitis
Our daughter started intestinal bleeding as a consequence of an allergic reaction to antibiotics when she was two years old. Her primary care doctor treated her with high doses of Predisone, Imuran, (6MP), Asacol, requesting weekly blood tests, frequent and costly enzymes tests, and yearly colonoscopy. In addition to suffering the side effects of the many medications, his physically invasive procedures caused my child, and our family immense stress. In the end, it all only served to mask the symptoms of what was really affecting our child.

At our wit’s end and desperate to try something different, we decided to give. Alane Palmer a try. At the very first meeting Ms. Palmer gave us hope that our daughter would get better. With a minimal number of tests, (no blood work), little expense, and just over a few months of her few supplements and her special diet, the bleeding subsided and eventually disappeared.

Ms. Palmer found the cause of her symptoms and eliminated them.  Miraculously, our daughter has not bled for over 2 months. Gone is her constant fever, skin rash, loss of head hair, and lack of energy. We are eternally grateful to Ms. Palmer for giving us our child back.

This short note could in no way express the miracle she brought into our life
through her knowledge, and special ability to listen and care.

We highly recommend Ms. Palmer to bring a miracle into your life!!!!

Nickie and Felix

Alane gets 5 stars
Alane is understanding, kind, and truly cares about her clients. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. My health issues started in late 2009. I went to the doctor and pleaded for advice in my frantic state, only to be told I simply needed anti-depressants. I knew better. I started seeing Alane about a year ago and have greatly improved because of her care, which included testing, supportive supplements, and dietary changes. I am no longer struggling with fatigue every day like I used to and my thyroid levels are better. Alane brought hope into my life when I felt it was lost. You could not ask for a better gift than that, especially when it comes to health. She is also great about keeping in contact with clients and is very supportive.

Thank you Alane for spreading the message of health and for listening and helping me! I recommend Alane and Nutritionally Yours to anyone looking to improve their health.

Son had eczema  
“I am writing to say thank you. Thank you for offering the hair analysis test and the food allergy test. For a while I have been suspecting that my son has some allergies and was unable to find the right test for him. His skin scratch test only revealed reaction to nuts, but your test also showed milk, mustard & eggs. I wish I had found your website much earlier and spared my son’s unnecessary suffering.”

Best regards,

My Issues Are Gone
I had so many issues when I first came in to see Alane I’m sure I overwhelmed her.  From eczema, arthritis, sinus issues, depression, thyroid, body aches and pains, weight issues, eating disorder to candida, etc….  

Through it all, Alane has been there for me 100% and was accessible to me over email and would answer me back within 1 hour.    Alane has helped me to see that I’m gluten intolerant, dairy intolerant and have many food sensitivities.  Alane didn’t just tell me her opinion or what I wanted to hear, but sent me for testing to see what’s going on inside my body.  Alane is all about getting to the root of the matter and I would highly recommend her and have to all of my family and friends. 

Feeling Like Myself Again
I wanted to thank you for all that you did in just TWO phone appointments
After you made me aware of my thyroid issue I went in search of a ny doctor that would help me. After a few months I finally found a doctor near me  that prescribed me westhyroid. I seriously feel like a new person. I’m not waking around in a fog anymore and I have my energy back. I really feel like my old self again. My family and friends have noticed the change too.

I can’t thank you enough for that you did!!!!    SL

School Grades Improve
My daughter Emily’s grades have improved in the three plus weeks she has been on her regimen – she
said she can see things more clearly and we are very encouraged as her grades have improved as well as her

Gut Finally Feels Better
I am almost embarrassed to admit that for years I suffered from gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, and fatigue. After all, who wants to talk about bowels with your friends let alone with practitioner? I visited doctors, had tests, and was advised to increase my fiber and water intake and that all would be well, but nothing worked. I tried over the counter products that guaranteed to help with regularity to no avail. Sometimes I would become even more constipated and nauseous. I began to assume that my stomach problems must be related to stress at work and that perhaps if I changed jobs, I would begin to improve. That did not solve the problems either.

It was my husband, who after diligently searching the internet, discovered Alane Palmer. We read about Nutritionally Yours and decided we needed to move forward in our quest for answers as to why I was sick all the time.

I vividly recall my first appointment. As I described my symptoms to Alane, she immediately connected with the way I was feeling. She focused on each complaint and identified what might be causing the discomfort in my digestive system. Instead of prescribing medications as my doctors did, she proceeded with nutritional tests to pinpoint the root cause of my symptoms and the best supports needed to help my body heal.
No other practitioner was ever able to determine what exactly was happening with my troubled abdominal area.  

I finally found a naturopath who focused on the root causes of my ailments and who immediately had an insightful action plan to help my body heal. Alane is passionate about tracking down the reason a person is sick. I know that she personally cares about my well being and has a vested interest in improving my health.  Alane is a woman of integrity dedicated to helping her patients not only steadily recover but she then guides them on a pathway to maintain a healthier happier lifestyle.


Your Words Encouraged Me
Thank you for your continued support and service. It is a blessing to have you in our lives and your motherly wisdom was on point. At times, no matter how educated I am, and how well organized and how successful I am in the corporate arena, I feel as though I fail my child because he isn’t like others. Your encouraging words reminded me that I am not the only one that has these challenges (faith building opportunities) with my child.  There isn’t anything new under the sun!  Thank you for caring enough to be transparent in your ministry (practice).

Peace and Blessings,

Child With Asperger’s Improves + Happy Mom
I took my son to Alane for nutritional advise due to the fact he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, sensory integration dysfunction, and severe food adversaries.  With his limited food preferences, Alane stepped into action with the perfect nutritional supplements coupled with recipes hiding fruits and veggies into his favorite meals.  He did show some heavy metals in his system and again Alane helped to eliminate them and what to look for on food labels to avoid foods that can contribute to this. She also advised lining aluminum pan/cookie sheets with parchment paper to provide protection against further food contamination.  Following her advise, the second test came back with positive results.  Once my son was brave enough to have blood drawn, Alane did further testing revealing the exact nature of his food allergies and vitamin/supplement deficiencies.  This was a true transformation for our son and the whole family.  Within a month or so,  he seemed like a neurotypical kid.  I wish I would have found her earlier in my sons life!

Of course I can’t stop there…I had her test me and it was the best decision I ever made.  She uncovered my own food /allergies/sensitivities…lots of them!  I have been on every allergy medicine available prior to my test results with little to no results.  Today, I have no need for any allergy medicine and avoid the foods on my allergy/sensitivity list.  In addition, she has pinpointed my thyroid issues and I feel better than ever.

Cathy M.

Lyme Helped
I went to Nutritionally Yours and met with Alane in hopes of finding someone who is literate in Lyme Disease and who has the knowledge to provide the correct testing to determine if I had Lyme. All I can say is that Alane has met and surpassed my every hope and expectation.

Based on a series of symptoms I started having I began to suspect Lyme disease which caused me to research what I needed to do get proper testing. The more I looked into and learned about Lyme the more I began to understand the absolute importance of finding a professional who is knowledgeable and thorough in getting the proper testing done as well as providing necessary treatment. I also learned how very difficult this is to find. In my extensive research  I talked with many people in online forums who have been diagnosed with Lyme and based on thier positive experiences in being correctly tested  I gained so much help and understanding in what I should be looking for and also what I should be hearing when I go for consultation.

I went  to Nutritionally Yours, met with Alane, discussed my symptoms with her and expressed my suspicions and concerns. I left feeling highly confident that Alane 100% understands Lyme. I could not be more happy with my experience with her and the MD she works with.

Found What Was Wrong – Life Saved!
Where at least 4 MD’s failed at diagnosing my 16 year old niece , Alane Palmer the Naturopath found out what was wrong in no time at all. My niece had Lyme Disease and not one physician even tested for it–instead tried to put her on psychiatric drugs with major side effects. Alane is credited with saving my nieces life-literally. Because of her  -ordering the right tests–then proper MD referral –Alane saved her.   I am a patient of Alane’s now for some issues that frankly I only trust Alane to address and fix.

Alane Cares
Alane is a very knowledgeable ND with a big heart. My stepdaughter who was living in Italy had seen many doctors over the past 2 years with no diagnosis and a condition that was getting worse. I have known Alane for years and have heard many great testimonies from my patients about how she has helped them so I asked Alane if she could give her a phone consultation and try to figure out what was going on. Alane really wanted to see her in the office to run appropriate blood work and examine her in person but since it was not possible agreed to do what she could as distance medicine. My stepdaughter felt at ease with Alane immediately and just with questioning her over the phone and ordering some local lab work from Italy she was able to help her through the crisis. She is doing much better now and I am forever grateful to Alane for caring enough to help and having the talent to do so.

Mark White DC

Changed My Life
When I found Alane three years ago, I was 30 pounds heavier, had no energy, and was beginning to suffer from some strange, anaphylaxis-inducing food allergies. I just felt inflamed all over. I exercised like a maniac, carefully counted calories, and ate almost no fat. However, I could not lose any weight at all. I was miserable and desperate. The best the traditional doctors were no help. Alane ordered some more detailed blood tests, totally changed my diet, put me on some nutritional supplements, and started the process of repairing my damaged gut. Within a few months, I dropped the weight, the puffiness disappeared, and my skin greatly improved. I went from wearing sizes 12 and 14 clothes to a size 6. My relationship to and knowledge of food and nutrition has changed completely – all because of Alane and her staff. Alane is very caring and supportive. I know that if I had not met her, I would be very sick by now. I am very thankful for her.

Helped me get my life back
I don’t know exactly where to start. My story is long and depressing so let’s just say that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. After working with Alane for several months now, I am better than my old self and forever thankful to her and her staff for helping this nurse open her heart and mind to nutrition and balance.

I have a life again ….. thank you Nutritionally Yours

Great Results!
I had seen many doctors about ongoing health problems and none of them could resolve my issues. Alane solved them in one visit about two years ago and I haven’t had any significant relapses. Insurance should pay for this because it’s much cheaper than other treatments/tests that didn’t work, but they won’t and I had to pay out of pocket. The expense was worth it though for how much better I have felt these past two years. The Alcat test though was about $1000, and for me the results were useless. It told me I could eat foods that make me sick and to avoid foods for which I have had no troubles. I’ve had to use elimination diets to find results which is slow but the only reliable way to determine which foods cause sensitivity problems.

Blessed Patient
Alane has an honest approach to a person’s problems – very refreshing from some who merely tell you what you want to hear without truly helping. She is by far the most skilled Naturopath I have encountered in my many years experience with natural medicine. She is thorough, and also considers the whole picture when making decisions in regards to a person’s health and well-being. In my 12 years experience with Alane, she has rescued me on multiple occasions from the brink of ill-health with her instincts, discernment, and skill as a health professional. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of health care.

Great Naturopath
I have known Alane for over fifteen years. Her knowledge in Natural Health is truly amazing! She has a veritable gift of discernment and is much attuned to the needs of her clients. Alane has a wonderful ability to resolve health issues and has given hope to those who have lost their aspiration to become healthy. She is a truly remarkable person and a blessing to all who know her. I highly recommend Alane as a Traditional Naturopath and continue to support her mission to educate people on the value of incorporating the principles of natural health care into their lives.

Alane Knows Her Stuff
Alane Palmer is a Traditional Naturopath and is very confident and precise about her programs. This is because her years of experience have proven what works! Alane has a high level of success with her clients. She knows what to do and isn’t afraid to speak honestly to her clients. I decided to work WITH Alane and with HER program and not dictate to her how to do her job! I got results that exceeded my expectations!

Great Nutritional Advice
Alane is my go-to person when my patients need further testing and nutritional advice for issues such as allergies, hormone imbalances, skin problems, and digestive problems, just to name a few. She is very professional and experienced in solving health problems naturally, using holistic methods. She has helped me personally as well as many of my patients and I would recommend her to anyone!

Dr Starman, DC

Best Place To Go
If you have been going to traditional medicine doctors and can’t  get any answers for your symptoms then this is the best place for you based on my experience!!!

Auto Immune Expertise
I was misdiagnosed with an autoimmune disease that was actually Lyme disease. Alane was great in catching it soon enough for me to start to recover! 6 months later she has me on a protocol that works very well for me. She has guided me through each painful herxheimer reaction to be successful on the other side! I continue weekly treatment and continually improve. Without Alane’s expertise I would suffer from this the rest of my life. I have someone in my corner to help me beat Lyme disease!

No More Headaches or Asthma
Headaches and asthma symptoms improved quickly with easy dietary adjustments and our new professional strength nitric oxide supplement.

Relief from Pain!
“I had started to experience rather significant arthritis pain over the last year or so, but within the first few weeks of taking the inflammation detox for breakfast each day, I was startled to realize the pain had disappeared. I was skeptical at first and thought maybe I just hadn’t had occasion to aggravate my arthritis during that time, but six months later, I can report that the pain has not returned, and I am now able to exercise regularly without that consequence”

Walking Better
“I came to meet with Alane. I was very overweight and in a lot of pain. I could barely walk and was very concerned about losing my job! Everything was hurting and I was desperate for help. I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I just knew my diet played a role in it. I started on a specific healing diet and nutrition program and only 10 days later I emailed the office that I was so happy! I lost 5 pounds and was finally able to sleep through the night without the pain waking me up. The weight is continuing to come off and the pain is improving each day!
Thank you!” – Danielle

I lost 70 Pounds!
I was in trouble and at the end of my rope. My doctors have prescribed 25 medications for me and I was overweight and constantly in pain. It was so difficult to stay positive because after visiting doctor after doctor there didn’t seem to be a solution. Several of my medications caused the weight gain and I was developing even more health problems. This was the third year of being overweight and having pain all of the time.After some discussion with my husband, we decided to try the natural route. He did some research and found Nutritionally Yours and Alane Palmer. We immediately setup an appointment with her. She was sincerely concerned and thought that she could help me. To date, I have lost over 70 pounds and almost reached my goal weight. Most of my medical problems are under control and I was able to reduce the number of medications that I was taking.

I highly recommend Nutritionally Yours to anyone with medical or weight problems. The staff is so helpful and they are always available for any help that you may need. Don’t do like I did and see medical doctor after medical doctor when you could be so much better in less than 6 months. Nutritionally Yours was the answer for me and I hope that you will give it a try.

Weight Loss & Improved Energy!
For years I have been adding pounds slowly and feeling progressively worse and worse. I have suffered with many food allergies that made dieting extremely difficult. I finally got fed up with being obese. I sought help from Nutritionally Yours and they found a weight loss protocol that I could tolerate despite my allergies and I have finally started to lose weight! I have lost almost 20 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 12. Now the 12s are getting loose too! All this and I have not experienced any hunger while shedding the pounds. I also have more energy than ever before!! I have started exercising and hiking which I have never been capable of before in my life.

Life is becoming enjoyable and rewarding again. Thank you!

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