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The staff at Nutritionally Yours understands you are wanting to understand alternative medicine. You are coming to us because you want another option to traditional medicine.  We believe that what nature has provided to us can be utilized to remind the body to wake up and start healing from the inside out.  We also believe that faith in God, understanding the personal needs of your body, eating right and using the highest quality nutritional supplements available, gives our clients the edge in quickly achieving their personal health goals in order to live a happier and healthier life.

Matthew 19:26 . . . “with God all things are possible”


Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

Alternative Medicine Advocate

Alane has been working successfully in the field of alternative health since 1999. She has used her experience, faith and knowledge to help improve health, wellness & quality of life to thousands of people already. After many years working, a large portion of her clients have been referrals from people she has helped. Alane obtained her first degree in 1999 as a Certified Nutrition Counselor. Her second degree was obtained in 2005 as a Doctor of Naturopathy. (Naturopath) Both degrees were obtained through Trinity School of Holistic Health in Warsaw, Indiana.

Trinity’s courses focus on the integration of the mind, body and spirit so that graduates can create and teach a lifestyle harmonious with the Creator and His divine plan. Trinity School is accredited and recognized by the American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board. Trinity is also a member of the Christian Health Fellowship.

Alane is an active member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants and has taken several continuing education classes in functional endocrinology, mastering the thyroid, adrenal fatigue, hormones, weight loss, environmental toxicity, brain chemistry, pain syndromes, anti aging, collagen, bone health skin health and more. Classes are taught by holistic or integrative medical doctors, doctors of chiropractic medicine, laboratories & the top neutraceutical companies like Xymogen, Metagenics and Apex Energetics.

Alane has a license as a Diplomat of Pastoral Science and Medicine. People have the God given right to chose the healthcare practitioner they wish to use. This license gives Alane the authority to work as a naturopathic, health care practitioner and help educate and guide her clients as they need, to support optimal health and wellness.

Alane is originally from Long Island, New York where she grew up around family members that were in the pharmacy, physical therapy and architecture. She received her first college degree in 1985 from State University of New York at Oswego, a B.F.A. in Art. After 5 years in the art field she realized she loved art, but her true calling was teaching people how to support their health and wellness through the natural practices of Alternative Medicine. Alane has been living in GA since 1996. She resides in Roswell, GA with her husband Michael, her two children and their dog Cooper. Alane personally understands her clients struggles and desires to feel better. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 1985.

Alane’s Personal Lyme Disease Story

She totally understands living with an illness and the need to have a healthy diet and the correct supplements to help her quality of life. Her husband Michael has helped and encouraged his wife throughout their marriage to help her stay strong and enable others to take charge of their body and health. Remember, healing can occur given the right tools and direction.


Nancy Lefever, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Lefever works in our clinic 1-2 times per month to see our patients when a medical “diagnosis” is needed and “medical” treatment.  Dr Lefever understands the importance of healthy eating and nutritional supplements to obtain optimal health and wellness.

Michelle Tuffs 

Customer Service

I come from a background in traditional healthcare, but have always preferred holistic methods to help people get back to feeling great. I have an enormous heart for care-giving so being part of the amazing Nutritionally Yours team, is a wonderful way I can see people return to better health AND feed my inner caregiver. Best of both worlds!


Maria Cummings

Head Receptionist / Customer Service

Maria is part of the Nutritionally Yours team. She is our head of reception and customer service.  Maria loves people and is excited to be on this journey of helping others improve their health and wellness.  In her spare time, she volunteers with the youth and enjoys making homemade soap and spa products. She has seen her own health improve with natural methods and loves to share her experiences with others. Maria is here to help and assist you on your journey to health and wellness.