ketosis atlantaDo you want to learn how to do a Ketogenic Diet Atlanta, Ga, easily stay in ketosis (fat burning) every day, and finally experience long-term weight loss success?
I can help!

A ketogenic diet plan simply explained: We were created to have ketones as a fuel source but because of the western diet and processed foods our body does not get to experience the benefits of ketones anymore. For the first 6-9 months of your life, you were actually running on ketones!

Ketones: an energy source that is found by breaking down body fat and this process puts you into “ketosis” or a fat-burning state. 

Ketosis: you are burning body fat and able to lose weight. 

Ketogenesis: You are breaking down fat and using it as your energy source.

Intermittent Fasting: Learn if it is helpful and how to do it safely and drop weight. 

Our Ketogenic diet Atlanta program teaches people how to burn fat for fuel without eating a diet high in fat. Yes, this is possible, simple, and healthy, and the rewards are improved health and long-term weight loss. 



  • neuroprotective
  • weight loss
  • blood sugar balance
  • appetite suppression
  • improved energy
  • mood stabilization
  • balanced hormones 
  • reduced pain and inflammation
  • better brain focus
  • reduced sugar cravings 
  • improved gastrointestinal health
  • improved cardio health

Hi, I am Alane and I can teach you how to do a ketogenic diet plan, stay in ketosis and lose weight and feel fantastic. 

Our office is located in Roswell, Ga, just 30 minutes north of Atlanta. We work in the office and virtually so we can help you anywhere you are.

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