ketogenic dietWhat is a Ketogenic Diet? Is a Ketogenic Diet safe and how does it work?

It is pretty simple really. God created us to have ketones for a fuel source but because of the western diet and processed foods our body does not get to experience the benefits of ketones anymore. For the first 6-9 months of your life you were actually running on ketones! Normally when we think about fuel for the body we think of glucose. But fat is another energy source which is superior to sugar.

Ketones: an energy source that is found by breaking down body fat and this puts you into “ketosis”

Ketosis: you are burning body fat.

Ketogenesis: You ARE breaking down fat and using it as your energy source.

weight loss
blood sugar balance
appetite suppression
improved energy
mood stabilization
reduced pain and inflammation
better brain focus
reduced sugar cravings ……………. and much more!

1. We can teach you how to eat a full ketogenic diet
2. We can teach you how to safely and effectively increase ketones in your body
3. We can teach you how to eat to lose weight, feel better, and keep the weight off with or without a ketogenic diet.

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