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Understanding Post Viral Syndrome, Atlanta Ga

If you are searching for answers on.. “What is this post viral syndrome everyone is talking about? What happened to me during a viral illness” and why can’t I fully recover? I can help. 

If you are needing top guidance on how to build your immune system so you are healthier and stronger, you found the right place!

The #1 client that reaches out to us these days are people that have been through a  viral infection and they have persistent symptoms that are not going away. They will do anything to get their life and health back to the way it was before they got sick. 

Some symptoms of a post viral syndrome: fatigue, cough, headaches, stomach aches, pain, weakness, hair loss, sore throat, frequent illnesses, dizziness, insomnia, etc. 

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We understand that many of you are struggling to get your energy back after a COVID viral infection. We look at what we know about wellness and how the virus behaves and understand how to best support the immune system and our body to recover fully. 

  • Reduce inflammation for post viral syndrome recovery. 
  • Reduce cytokine storms causing post viral syndrome symptoms
  • Change the diet based on symptoms 
  • Check for prior infections and illnesses that may have reactivated during illness 
  • Check specific vitamin and antioxidant levels to know where to support them. 
  • Check for gut dysbiosis

What works for John does NOT work for Jane! You are an individual with your own post viral syndrome and immune needs. Building your body back up may not be the exact same way we build up someone else. 

Do I understand how you feel? Yes! I had a viral infection 2 years ago and even though it was not bad, what happened next was worse. I had to figure it out, get natural help for myself, conquered it and am totally fine. I have improved my health and many clients that come my way wanting post viral syndrome all natural support here in Atlanta, Ga and all over the USA. 

Nutritionally Yours is located in Atlanta, Ga. We have virtual appointments available Monday – Friday.  We are a 100% natural health and wellness clinic. We teach the best natural ways to support your health, so you feel and look healthy again. 

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