Natural Thyroid TreatmentAre you suffering from Hypothyroid, Hyperthyroid, or Hashimoto’s symptoms?

Are you searching for an all-natural thyroid treatment program?

Are you hoping to find someone that can run a Comprehensive Thyroid Test and help guide you back to feeling FANTASTIC again?

You found the right place! The staff at Nutritionally Yours understands the thyroid gland and the importance of comprehensive thyroid testing.  We also understand the importance of looking at the “functional” ranges of thyroid labs, not just the “medical” ranges. If your thyroid is functioning below the functional range so will YOU! It is that simple!

Are you confused with all the Thyroid Diets out there? Are you confused with should you or should you not use iodine? We have simple answers for you. We can teach you how to eat to support optimal thyroid gland function. We also understand autoimmune thyroid (Hashimoto’s) and what it takes to turn down the attack on your thyroid gland.  YES, your body can heal itself given the right nutrients, tools, and food.

Do you feel like you have Thyroid Symptoms in Atlanta Ga but your labs are normal? We hear this almost every day from our patients. They have ALL the typical thyroid symptoms but labs are not showing it. This is because many times only TSH is run or TSH and T4. We look at TSH, Total and Free T4, Total and Free T3, Reverse T3, thyroid antibodies,  plus IgF-1 and pituitary function.

Hypothyroid & Hyperthyroid Causes:  Many people in the Atlanta, Ga area come into our office and tell us they have all the symptoms of a thyroid problem and they want to know WHY? What can cause your thyroid from not functioning well?

1. An underlying adrenal imbalance
2. Autoimmunity against the thyroid gland
3. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
4. Free levels of thyroid levels have not been checked.
5. Food intolerance’s

Hypothyroid Symptoms: Fatigue, weakness, dry hair, weight gain or inability to lose weight, cold intolerance, muscle cramps, constipation, floating stools, candida symptoms, depression, irritability, memory loss, lack of focus, loss of appetite, hot flashes, decreased libido, PMS or irregular cycles, peaches & creme complexion, deep voice, goiter, facial swelling, puffy eyes, dry brittle hair, dry skin, muscle weakness, poor endurance, carpal tunnel, hypertension.

Hyperthyroid Symptoms: Anxiety, irritability, excessive appetite, insomnia, bulging eyes, fast heartbeat, sweating easily, swollen fingers, clubbing of fingernails, purple lesions on shins, goiter, muscle wasting, muscle weakness, hand tremors, feeling warm or hot all the time, sweaty palms, oily skin, heat intolerance, weight loss, irregular menstrual flow, irritable bowel symptoms, diarrhea, vomiting, excessive bowel frequency, cardio palpitations, tachycardia, hypertension/hypotension, breathlessness

What is Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis?  It is an autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks and destroys the thyroid gland. Hashimoto’s stops the gland from making enough thyroid hormones for the body to work the way it should. This causes problems with metabolism, energy, and more. How can we help? Easy! We teach you how to call off the attack! 

Nutritionally Yours is located in Woodstock GA, about 45 minutes north of Atlanta, Georgia. People travel from all over the Atlanta, area and surrounding states to be seen at our clinic. Let us help you with our all-natural thyroid treatment and support today!

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“I am very grateful for your help in teaching me how food can affect my thyroid. My diet was causing a sluggish thyroid which was contributing to my fatigue, weight gain, and depression. For many years I was told that I was depressed and needed to take antidepressants and that there wasn’t anything else wrong with me. I feel better than I have in years Thank you!”

Denise McKee