By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC collagen peptides

Collagen Peptides is the glue that holds us together! Collagen is found in our skin, bones, and connective tissue and makes up about 30% of the protein in our body. Women are familiar with Collagen injections into areas on their bodies that have “matured” more than we may prefer! Collagen peptides can reduce wrinkles, improve skin, hair, and nails, support bone and joint health, improve gut health, support the connective tissues and reduce joint pain while helping with skin elasticity and even weight loss. There are many ways to safely and naturally introduce a collagen peptides powder or collagen supplement into Your Body and diet.

The best collagen peptides powders will be grass-fed. Collagen peptides are characterized by their high levels of specific amino acids glycine (Gly), hydroxyproline (Hyp), proline (Pro), and alanine (Ala). 

After intake, collagen peptides are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and are available as very small, unique peptides characterized by a Hyp-Pro containing sequence. These peptides act as essential signal molecules to stimulate cells and building blocks supporting the connective tissues and musculoskeletal health.

Twenty-nine different types of Collagen have been identified, three but the vast majority of Collagen in the human body is the type I, II, or III. All three types form long, thin fibrils and have the basic structure of a triple helix. 4 Collagen type I is by far the most common and is distributed in bones, ligaments, and tendons. Type I is also present in skin, which is largely responsible for skin’s elasticity and strength. Collagen degradation in the skin results in wrinkles and an aged appearance. By contrast, collagen type II is primarily distributed in cartilage, and collagen type III, which is always found alongside type I, is most prevalent in skin, blood vessels, and internal organs.5

Because our body produces less Collagen as we age, adding foods to our diet as a beneficial way to Get Collagen back Into Our Body is easier than you may think, and some of these foods may surprise you. For instance, Kiwi! Who knew! I love Kiwi, and they are exceptionally high in Vitamin C, and because Collagen cannot be produced without Vitamin C, this makes them…VIK (very important kiwis!). 

Others are almonds, berries, avocados, carrots, and dark green vegetables, which are the most nutrient-dense super-foods! And believe it or not, Oysters are on the list! Oysters are a rich source of zinc which has been shown to slow the breakdown of collagen cells and enable wounds to heal more quickly. Also last but not any less critical are tomatoes, garlic and pumpkin seeds.

Here are some of my favorite collagen peptides products: The link to order these products is

PALEO Meal: by Designs For Health – a complete meal that contains collagen peptides 

Whole Body Collagen: Add this powder to any protein drink for extra amino acids, protein, and hydrolyzed Collagen that is grass-fed. 

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