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We have the experience and expertise to teach, educate & support people virtually. We can help you anywhere you are!

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Nutritionally Yours has a holistic, personalized approach to nutrition.
We promise to listen to what you need, and provide the best, natural solution, and plan to help you feel your very best!

Virtual Nutrition

What is virtual nutrition? During a virtual nutrition appointment, you will receive the exact same one to one attention that you would if you were sitting in our wellness clinic. Any virtual nutrition appointment can be accomplished via phone or face-time.

We are able to support our patients/clients through virtual nutrition counseling which includes daily diet and nutrition support, weight loss, food allergies/food intolerance, vitamin deficiency and much more.

Food Allergies

Do you suffer from food allergy symptoms? Some food allergies can display as acne breakouts, hives, rashes, stomach issues especially after you finish eating, headaches that come and go, weight gain after you eat, brain fog, or fatigue.  YES! You may be suffering from food allergies (food intolerances) that you didn’t even know you had. We offer testing kits for food allergies and food intolerance to help identify what foods are causing symptoms or health challenges. Everyone is made incredibly and uniquely different, therefore our bodies all react to foods differently. Schedule a virtual appointment to discuss your specific health and nutrition concerns. When you do testing for food allergies you will identify which foods are good for your body, and which foods are not.

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Healthy Diet

Do you feel like you eat a healthy diet? Many people think they are eating healthy, only to discover they have an underlying allergy or reaction to a specific food or were eating things that really weren’t all that healthy. Most of the foods that people consider ‘healthy’ have lots of preservatives and additives to help the shelf life.

Plus, many foods that are considered healthy can lead to inflammation in the body. Perhaps you are eating totally organic and by-the-book, but you are still having symptoms or a health issue that you shouldn’t be having.  Let us help you build a healthy diet designed especially for YOU so that you can be able to do what you love most in life. Schedule a virtual appointment with us today to design the healthiest diet for your unique body to that you feel your very best!

$225 for the first initial 45 min to 1-hour appointment (additional time is billed at $225 per hour)
$225 for the first follow-up which is 45 minutes to 1 hour (additional time is billed at $225 per hour)
Additional Appointments: $155 for 30 minutes or $225 per hour for longer appointments.


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