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By Alane Stieglitz – Wincek, ND, CNC, Atlanta Ga 

Hi, Ladies, if you are over 40  like I am I have some helpful information for you regarding the easiest and most effective of the ketogenic diet plans!

 Why am I so excited about this? Because it is easy to do and does not include loading up on fat!

ketogenic diet plans Atlanta GaI have studied nutrition for over 30 years and have learned valuable information to help myself and my clients live healthier lives. There are so many diet plans out there it is no wonder people are so confused. I was too! I ate vegan for one year, PALEO for five years, and focused on just being gluten-free for 20 years. I ran labs on myself to check cholesterol levels, triglycerides, inflammation, cardio markers, thyroid, hormones, and more. My client labs have been best when they follow my fat burn program. And mine too! I learned from the best trainers and other nutritionists and am 100% convinced this is the best of the ketogenic diet plans. 

I seriously questioned the popular high-fat ketogenic diet plans. Over the years, I have seen clients who put themselves on the traditional keto diet lose weight, but they would gain it back plus more. And their cardio and inflammation markers were pretty high. These include total cholesterol, c-reactive protein, fibrinogen, leptin, and ferritin. And surprisingly, their thyroid slowed down, making weight loss harder.

Ketosis means fat-burning, which is perfect for people wanting to lose weight. You can learn how to get into ketosis or fat-burning easily and witness excellent results. I can show you how. 

These last two years have been rewarding. I have loved witnessing the miraculous successes of my awesome clients. I have lost 30 pounds too and love it!

Options Going Forward For the Best ketogenic diet plans Ever!

ketogenic diet plans Atlanta Ga

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