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What is a Ketogenic Diet? Atlanta, Ga

Alane Stieglitz-Wincek
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May 23, 2022

Ladies, are you wondering what is a ketogenic diet and is it the best #1 diet in Atlanta, Ga for tip top health? I can easily answer this for you!

Ever since I watched a weight loss show on tv and saw the “Caveman Diet,” I have been curious about learning what is a ketogenic diet and is it a safe and effective way to lose weight? I watched various contestants on the show eat a vegan diet, a raw food diet, the caveman diet, and the Paleo diet, and another contestant just used exercise to lose weight and eat a regular diet. The contestant that ate the Caveman diet seemed to lose weight the fastest, and he seemed happy, but I had to wonder, was it a safe and healthy way to lose weight or not?

I watched him eat a lot of butter, high-fat dairy products, eggs, steak, avocado, and coconut, and I sat there wondering if all of that fat that is part of learning what a ketogenic diet is, was indeed a good thing or not. I did not see him eating salad, greens, berries, or vegetables and wondered about his antioxidant levels. I have always preferred to have my clients eat plenty of greens, berries, and a side dish, maybe 4 oz. of lean protein and a side of good fat. Growing up in the 70s and 80s, I was in the generation of kids raised on the low-fat diet craze. 

Over time I had to ask myself the question, what is a ketogenic diet doing to cardiovascular health, and the immune system and will people be able to keep the weight off that they have lost? I know people in Atlanta, Ga have said that it was okay if the total cholesterol levels went up. Still, I had to think about the cholesterol and lipoprotein levels, inflammatory levels, and particle sizes. 

I started running bloodwork on my clients in Atlanta, that came in doing a ketogenic diet and found that many had a higher Lipoprotein A level and C reactive protein level. Both markers indicate a genuine concern for cardiovascular disease. And when I would run comprehensive antioxidant testing, they would test low. 

So, this holistic nutritionist had to come up with a plan to help people get into ketosis (fat burning), stay there and be healthy all at the same time. And I did! Instead of asking what a ketogenic diet is, I had to teach my clients what a healthy and realistic way to do a ketogenic diet is.

The goal was to get healthy, fit, and lean while avoiding causing health problems.

  • Can you get into fat burning successfully without eating keto? Yes!
  • Can you do a ketogenic diet and be healthy at the same time? Yes!
  • Are you ready to learn what is a ketogenic diet and a healthy diet lifestyle? Great! 

Hi, I am Alane, a holistic nutritionist and I love helping women get healthy, fit and lean! I have over 30 years of success in this field. 

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What is a Ketogenic Diet, Atlanta Ga

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