Stomach Gurgling

By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

Do you sit at your desk at work and hear your stomach gurgling or other stomach noises coming from your stomach and intestines?  Do you go out with a friend, and you are afraid your digestive system will make odd noises, and you will feel embarrassed? Do you have abdominal pain that follows a rapid bowel movement? Would you like additional information to show you what is inside your gut? If YES, you are NOT alone!

Many people contact our clinic and say things like, “I need to find out what’s inside my gut that is making these weird stomach rumbling noises.” And other people say,” I feel like something is living inside my gut, and I want to kick it out!

Maybe it is food intolerances that are making the stomach gurgling noises. Perhaps it is a harmful bacteria, yeast, or parasite that is inside your gut. Whatever it is, our stool test can find it. 

And suppose it is food your gut reacts to. In that case, we can do a comprehensive food intolerance test to identify which foods are upsetting the digestive tract. 

Everyone that comes into our clinic is different. Every stool test or food test we do provides remarkable results that tell the story for the patient needing answers. One person may have a parasite and have to stop eating nuts and beans. Another person may have a bad bacteria living in their gut, and their food testing shows they are severely reacting to all the foods made from dairy. Then another person may have autoimmunity and need to go off gluten, plus take specific herbals to kick a parasite out of their gut.

What’s inside my gut, you ask? What is causing the stomach rumbling noises and the stomach gurgling sounds? We can and will provide you with the answers YOU need!

Stomach gurgling at the wrong times? We can guide you through food and gut health to help it quiet down so you do not have to worry about it.

Take back your gut health! Learn what is inside your gut and kick it out! Take control back of your gut health so you can live a higher quality of life! You do not have to suffer from gut symptoms!

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