best vitamins for women, Atlanta GaBy Alane Stieglitz-Wincek, ND, CNC, Atlanta, Ga

Hi, I am Alane, and I love answering the question for my female clients: which are the best vitamins for women?

I got started in this field by working in a very busy vitamin store. I liked hearing about the wonderful health turn arounds the vitamins were providing people with, but I did not like the “sales” part. I also became concerned about people taking vitamins they did not need, and is it okay?

That is why I got my certification degree in holistic nutrition and naturopathy. I wanted to be that person equipped to help people know exactly which vitamins their body needs.

best vitamins for women Atlanta ga

I, too, wanted to take the best vitamins for women so I could be energetic, clear-headed, strong, and vibrant. I did some bloodwork via insurance to get some answers (which I can do for active clients, too) and a comprehensive vitamin panel that provided plenty of helpful information and direction.

I thought my vitamin levels were good, but my antioxidants were very low, making sense since I was getting sick too often. Colds and flu seemed to find me everywhere I would go. So, I spent one year taking the best vitamins for women, specifically for this woman! I increased my antioxidant levels and retested one year later, and my nutrient levels were much better, and so was my immune health.

Ladies, you can have the most colorful foods on your plate and even the best plant-based diet, but that may not provide sufficient vitamins and minerals that your body needs daily. I have seen some women with terrific diets and lifestyles, and they still are deficient in specific vitamins. To know the best vitamins for women requires personal knowledge and testing. Vitamins can be supported by adjusting the daily diet or taking dietary supplements.

Here is the best option going forward
1) Book your initial virtual or in-office appointment today. I can run comprehensive bloodwork via insurance, plus the best vitamin blood test to provide you with vitamin clarity.

best vitamins for women Atlanta Ga

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