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February 4, 2019

Are you concerned there is mold in a home you are living in? Mold happens, even to the nicest of homes and offices all over Atlanta Ga and the USA.  If there is mold in a home you may feel unwell and need to find out what types of mold are in your body and at what levels. 

Our wellness clinic can help you! 

  • run mold toxicity testing 
  • run comprehensive bloodwork to see how the mold sickness has affected you and your immune system. 
  • Put you on a mold  eliminating protocol to help you feel better. 
  • teach you natural ways to remove the Mold from your house

MOLD SICKNESS IN A HOME? Is toxic Mold in your home the main reason you feel sick?

Mold sickness can happen in any home; it does not matter how lovely your home is. Mold in a home, whether it be black Mold, toxic Mold, or any Mold, can produce mycotoxins that lead to symptoms like: asthma attacks, allergic reactions, skin eruptions, fatigue, pain, brain fog, a weakened immune system, and many other health problems. 

Mold sickness and mycotoxins exposure can irritate your eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs. If you have been exposed to Mold in your home or a water-damaged building, I can help! We can run a mold sickness urine test to see if there has been an exposure to Mold and which one(s) are causing health problems.

The health effects of prolonged mold exposure can feel like you always have a cold or sinus issues and nosebleeds. Breathing impurities for extended periods can cause inflammation of the lungs, asthma, shortness of breath, skin infections, and in some cases, neurological problems, brain fog, forgetfulness, fatigue, and more. The longer you live or work in an area with toxic mold spores, the more sensitive to Mold you become. 

We worked with one homeowner in Atlanta, Ga, and discovered the source of her mold sickness was her air conditioner and vents. Another home, the source of the Mold was the master shower. The black Mold appeared as we peeled back the shower tile, and the fumes started to gas off. Both of these families were dealing with health problems from the Mold in their homes. 

We work in Atlanta, Ga and virtually too so we can help you anywhere you live

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