How To Strengthen Your Gut Microbiome By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

Strengthen my what? First things first, let’s define what this “Gut Microbiome” is!

A Microbiome is the community of microbes that resides in our gut. An enormous microbe community! The gut microbiota is the first line of defense for the human body and our immune system. The gut microbiome and its strength protects us regarding our health and disease prevention. 

The role of the Gut Microbiome is so central to the body’s operations that it essentially acts as an organ. It impacts aging, digestion, immune cells, mental health, and even our cognitive function.

Strengthening and supporting your gut’s environment will keep your overall health in tip-top shape. Having a diverse diet of complex carbohydrates and fiber is a great start. Also, eating fermented foods helps improve the bacteria in the gut. 

Adding a good probiotic supplement will strengthen your Gut Microbiome. Choosing a supplement containing strains of pro and prebiotics (like short-chain fatty acids) that enable probiotics will create an equal opportunity environment in your gut!

A healthy gut community can protect you from irritable bowel syndrome symptoms and poor gut microbes, taking the lead in your health. 

Your gut microbiome health is vital to your overall health and wellness! If you are experiencing any GI distress symptoms or are concerned about your gut microbiome health, please make an appointment. We can run a stool test that tells the entire picture of your gut health and what it needs. We can also guide you on helpful ways to keep your gut healthy and strong. 

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