hair loss in women

By Alane Stieglitz – Wincek, ND, CNC, Atlanta, Ga

One fact that increases a woman’s confidence is having healthy and shiny-looking hair. When hair loss in women occurs, women feel confused, upset, and even shy.

hair loss in women Atlanta Ga

My hair was falling out many years ago, affecting how I felt about myself. My hair was thin and dull-looking, and my confidence was low. Simply put, hair, when we lose it, is a VERY BIG DEAL. I had to figure out why my hair was falling out, fix it, and then watch my hair grow back even healthier than it was before. I had to figure out the reason for my hair loss and stop it right away. Once I figured it out, I happily watched my hair grow back even healthier. Phew! 

The top physical causes of hair loss in women are thyroid, hormones, vitamin deficiencies, autoimmune, infections, viruses, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, and stress. These frustrating health challenges can prevent hair from growing, create bald spots, and cause hair to fall out.

Poor quality hair products can also contribute to hair loss. The first thing a hairdresser usually asks a woman experiencing hair loss is about the shampoo and conditioner they use. Many hair products contain alcohol which dries out the hair and can lead to breakage. One main thing that helped me is that I switched to 100% natural hair care products, washed my hair only 3x a week, and stopped using a hairdryer. 

I have seen a strong connection between stress and hair loss in the last few years. The big problem of hair loss in women has truly surprised me.

Here are some helpful hints for why I see hair loss in women growing.

  • excess androgen hormones – best when tested in saliva
  • low hormones -best when tested in saliva 
  • hypothyroidism and low Free T3 
  • hashimoto’s thyroiditis 
  • vitamin deficiency 
  • post-viral or infection reaction 
  • autoimmunity 
  • adrenal fatigue 

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hair loss in women Atlanta Ga

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