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Chronic Fatigue Symptoms Atlanta, Ga

Alane Stieglitz-Wincek
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February 11, 2021

We get many phone calls from people sharing their various chronic fatigue symptoms with us each week. Chronic fatigue symptoms can happen to anyone, men, women, teens, and even little children. It can get baffling why so many people are so worn out these days. The reasons can be different for everyone, and the key to getting relief is to figure out WHY they have chronic fatigue symptoms, so we know exactly what they need to get better. 

Some of the chronic fatigue symptoms can be:

  • I sleep all night and still have no energy during the day
  • I cannot seem to find the strength to do anything anymore
  • I get up, go to work, come home, and do not have the energy to cook dinner, so I eat a bowl of cereal
  •  I have pain, along with my fatigue, that no one can explain
  •  I have weight gain, along with my fatigue, that no one can tell me why.
  •  My spouse says I am no fun anymore
  •  I want to play with my kids, but I am so worn out!
  •  This does not feel like random fatigue; this feels like extreme, debilitating fatigue!

chronic fatigue symptoms 

There is a relief for chronic fatigue symptoms! Remember, the key is to figure out WHY the fatigue is there. The fatigue may be there due to an underlying problem. Here is a list of some causes:

  • sluggish thyroid
  •  adrenal burnout
  •  poor diet
  •  insulin resistance
  •  food reactions / intolerances
  •  autoimmunity
  •  Infections
  •  poor sleep
  •  emotional stress or relational stress
  •  vitamin deficiency

There may be one or more causes for YOUR chronic fatigue, but HELP IS on the way!

  • Make sure to get comprehensive blood work done either by your PCP or come to our clinic.

We work in Atlanta, Ga, and virtual, too, so we can help you anywhere you live. Many times, simple reasons for chronic fatigue symptoms are missed in traditional blood work.

  • Think protein, greens, and beneficial fat when you eat; TRY to stay away from bread and pasta.
  • Sleep in a room with no electronics – even a television being on at night in the bedroom can have negative energy that causes a lack of a good night’s sleep.
  • Put down all electronics at least 1 hour before sleep. Read a good book, take a relaxing bath
  • Choose relationships carefully; you matter. They should be uplifting and not draining. 
  • Put yourself and your health first. Taking time for you allows you to take time for others.
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