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August 17, 2020

Hi, I am Alane, a certified, holistic nutritionist. I love helping people figure out how to lose weight in Atlanta, Ga and keep it off. Getting healthy, fit, and lean improves your health and wellness too.  

The best place to start learning how to lose weight is by balancing blood sugar to prevent insulin spikes. These insulin spikes lead to more weight gain and food cravings. As our insulin levels normalize, our appetite does too. Think about this. I can be having a fantastic day and am eating healthy and clean so far. Then I have friends over and enjoy a glass of wine and a piece of pie. When they leave, I am in the kitchen looking for more sugary food. My blood sugar has dropped, insulin is sky high, and my appetite is taking over my ability to rest and go to sleep.

And if I get on the scale in the morning, I will not be happy. It will show that I gained 2-3 pounds overnight. So I get back into a healthy routine and restart my healthy fat burn routine. 

Another way to help people learn how to lose weight in Atlanta, Ga is by teaching the need for protein. I often look over bloodwork, and protein levels are low nine times out of ten. Growing up, protein was not the #1 food source; sugar was. I had to retrain my brain to think of protein when I felt hungry. An average, healthy person should be eating at least 60 grams of lean protein per day. Every time I sit down to eat, I say to myself, “where is the protein.”  

Protein helps our body be strong so we can be more active in life. I love to go hiking, biking, rowing, etc. If I am carbing out, that will not happen. I will feel too tired to enjoy myself, my ability to do things will drop way down, and I will want to come home and sleep. 

If you start your day with protein and then exercise, you will feel amazing and physically stronger. And you will begin to look firmer, and toner and have an easier time learning how to lose weight and keep it off. 

Know Your Numbers: This is an important phrase. Knowing how much protein, carbs, fiber, and fat to eat per meal is vital for success. That has helped many people learn how to lose weight and keep it off.

Fat is not the answer: Many people come to me talking about eating a high-fat diet and they cannot lose weight. I am sorry, but I am not a fan of a diet high in fat. But I am a fan of learning how to burn fat and keep the body in a fat-burning state. 

Check the metabolism for clarity and direction. I run comprehensive bloodwork on clients from all over the country to ensure their metabolism is working for them and not against them. This morning, I met with a 40-year-old mom who works out daily and cannot lose weight. Her insulin and leptin were extraordinarily high, and her thyroid was perfect. She was thrilled to have a clear direction for what she needed to do to drop the weight and keep it off. Knowledge is good!

If you are ready to figure out how to lose weight and keep it off, make your initial appointment today! I work in an office near Atlanta, Ga and virtually too. 

How to Lose Weight, Atlanta Ga

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Hey! I’m Alane Stieglitz-Wincek. I grew up on sugar and plenty of junk food and had no clue how my diet effected my health. 

 I changed my life and have worked as a holistic nutritionist and naturopath, for over the last 30 years. I help people get healthy, fit and lean, find hormone happiness and recover from all sorts health challenges. 

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