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September 27, 2021

When I think of Natural Remedies For ADHD I start with food and how food affects the brain. I love helping kids focus better and have had tremendous success in my Atlanta, Ga, clinic. I started offering virtual health and nutrition appointments a few years ago, and that has been a great experience. When I help a child with natural remedies for ADHD, I get to help the child, family, and friends too. 

I have raised two fabulous boys and seen them grow into incredible young men. My oldest son struggled with ADHD when he was young, and I had to figure out how to help him to be calm and focused and to be able to succeed in life. We started to improve his diet, and food is the best of all the natural remedies for ADHD. After just a few days, I will never forget that I brought him to a friend’s house, and she said, “What did you do? He is so calm and happy”? I just took one food out of his diet; it was so easy!  

A funny thing happened, I took my well-behaved son to a doctor’s appointment. He was so happy and focused in the morning when he woke up. In the car, he was hungry, so I gave him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and milk. By the time we got to the doctor’s office, he was seriously spinning all over the place. He was dancing in circles in her office and turning her chair around repeatedly. I was so frustrated, exhausted and embarrassed. I was new to the field of holistic medicine so I honestly did not know what I had done wrong. 

She looked at me and asked what did you give him to eat in the car? I said peanut butter, jelly, wheat bread, and milk. She said, “don’t do that again.” It was that simple. 

We did food intolerance testing on him, and it provided us with plenty of clear answers and directions for his Natural Remedies For ADHD Support. I did not want to change his diet without proof, and I sure got it!

He tested positive for gluten, dairy, egg, corn, and other foods. We adjusted his diet and watched our hyperactive child calm down and be well-behaved and focused. 

To this day, he is an incredible young man. He is a hard worker, married to a sweet gal, and is such a joy to be around. We have an excellent relationship. He is also very talented in music and the arts and loves to cook and serve others. 

 Natural Remedies For ADHD  should always start with dietary adjustments. That way, the child is not getting used to taking pills for everything. Changing the diet is effortless. I gave him a healthy and delicious substitute for food he likes, so he does not miss anything. 

I have a local clinic in Atlanta, Ga and we work virtually too so we can help you and your family, anywhere you live.

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