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Top Food Allergy Symptoms Revealed, Atlanta, Ga

Alane Stieglitz-Wincek
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May 18, 2022

How to Reduce Top 3 Food Allergy Symptoms of Weight Gain, Pain, & Inflammation. Atlanta, Ga.

Hi, I am Alane a certified, holistic nutritionist and I have personally experienced food allergy symptoms and the results have been life-changing. Once I figured it out, the easy weight loss results have been remarkable.

Being a busy woman and going through the “change” has not been easy, especially regarding menopausal weight gain, joint pain, and food intolerance. I run yearly blood tests on myself to know that my metabolism is working optimally and I eat as healthy as possible.

In 2018 I started having symptoms of food reactions and needed to figure out which foods were the culprits. I was eating healthy, but even some of the typical food I usually eat (even gluten-free foods) were now causing reactions, even in small amounts. I thought I would avoid the food if I just knew what the problem foods were.

I had apparent lactose intolerance when I was young, so I avoided dairy. As I got older, I developed Celiac disease and haven’t had gluten. But when I would eat any food, even healthy foods, I started to feel inflamed, gained weight, and felt tired. Not OK!

My other food allergy symptoms were:

  • Bloating after certain meals
  • Redness in my face
  • Fatigue after certain meals
  • Sudden blemishes
  • Itchiness
  • Sneezing attacks

I took my advice and ordered a food allergy test to learn which foods were causing the food allergy symptoms I did not want to have anymore. Everyone is different, so one diet is not necessarily going to work for everyone.

I love parsnips! OK, stop laughing. Have you ever heard of a parsnip? It looks like a white carrot. I love cooking sweet potato, parsnips, zucchini, acorn, or butternut squash with something green like broccoli and putting grass-fed butter on top. But when I make that side dish, I feel and look like I gained 10 pounds overnight. What is the issue? And when I eat cashew butter (organic, of course) or almond butter, I tend to gain weight. But people doing the keto diet eat good fat and drop weight, so again, I was confused.

I got my blood tests back, and they helped me tremendously with my daily diet. No surprise but parsnips, beef, corn, and all of the nuts I enjoyed showed up as severe food intolerance and were causing food allergy symptoms, even in small amounts.

So I edited my favorite recipe to broccoli, butternut squash, orange beets, and cauliflower, and instead of butter which has casein in it, I use olive oil. No bloating or weight gain afterward! YAY! And on a side note, as I adjusted my diet, a remarkable side effect was less pain and inflammation. YAY, I could do more activities with my family without hurting when I got home. 

If you are struggling with weight gain, pain, and food allergy symptoms in Atlanta, Ga and you need to know what foods are your culprits, please consider making an appointment so I can help you feel amazing. 

I work in an office in Atlanta, Ga and virtually too, so I can help you where ever you live. 

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Food Allergy Symptoms, Atlanta Ga

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