environmental toxins By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

Toxic From Environmental Toxins?  

Toxins are all around us; we cannot help that. The issue isn’t if there are toxins; there are; the question is, what does our body do with them? Does your body hold onto toxins, or does your body eliminate them as it should? 

Many of my clients are what I call “holders.” These people suffer from an issue where their body holds onto toxins and causes adverse health effects. Holders do not eliminate toxins properly for several reasons. One reason may be that their detox pathways are stuck or missing specific detox nutrients like glutathione. Others do not “methylate” well, so their body also has trouble detoxing correctly. BUT by giving the proper detox support, a toxic body can start becoming healthy again. 

What are some environmental toxins that are considered endocrine disruptors and contribute to toxic symptoms? Plastics that are heated, heavy metals, infections, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, fumes, gasoline, paints, and the list goes on and on.

If you are concerned about your detox pathways, I can help. I can run comprehensive bloodwork (via your insurance or low-cost self-pay) to see if your folate and b12, for example, are at optimal levels. And we can check your inflammation levels too. For environmental toxin testing, we run an easy to do urine test which measures many toxins and how high they are in the body. 

I can also show you some easy use detox support products that help your body eliminate environmental toxins quickly and safely. 

One way to know if toxins are high is to run saliva hormone testing. If there are environmental toxins, then most likely, hormones in the tissues will also be increased as toxins are endocrine disruptors. Often, when hormones seem to be impossible to balance, it is due to toxin levels in the body. 

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