what is hashimotos disease Atlanta GaBy Alane Stieglitz-Wincek, 

Wondering What is Hashimotos Disease? Hashimotos Disease, or inflammation of the thyroid gland, is an autoimmune disorder. That means a malfunction in your immune system causes it. Instead of protecting your thyroid tissue, your immune cells attack it. Eventually, if left undetected or untreated, the attack process can destroy your entire thyroid” (1). In Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, large amounts of damaged immune cells invade the thyroid. We can do a simple blood test to see if your body makes antibodies that indicate autoimmune activity against the thyroid gland. Hashimoto’s can happen with or without hypothyroidism.

 The symptoms of Hashimotos are similar to hypothyroidism. Here are some symptoms: fatigue, weight gain, heart palpitations, dry skin, fluid retention, depression, insomnia, thinning hair, bloating, swelling, goiters, anxiety, and more. 

what is hashimotos disease atlanta ga

The autoimmune aspect usually is there from birth, and throughout the years, it can get triggered. A trigger may be stress like working too hard, a death in the family, a divorce, dealing with a sickness, or even pregnancy. Most of our female patients with Hashimoto’s say their symptoms started right after having a baby.

When you have an accurate understanding of what is Hashimotos disease, that will help you get proper care and avoid future damage to your thyroid. It is an autoimmune disease, and we can help you slow down and even halt the autoimmune attacks going on with your immune system against your thyroid and your body.

Alane’s Hashimoto’s story: I had started to develop autoimmune symptoms at age 10. They got worse in my teens and 20s. After baby #1, all was fine. I felt pretty good. Then baby #2 turned into a miscarriage, and I felt different. I was able to get pregnant pretty quickly, but during pregnancy #3, I did not feel as well. I knew something had changed. 

After my younger son was born, I had a lot of trouble losing weight, my hair was thin, and I was exhausted. It was not until almost five years later that someone taught me what is hashimotos disease and suspected that I had it. My body had turned against me and was attacking my thyroid gland. I adjusted my diet, treated my hypothyroid, lost weight, and felt great! And I am grateful to share more about Hashimoto’s Disease with YOU!

Wondering what is hashimotos disease and if your symptoms are hypothyroid or hashimotos? It could be both or either. I can help! 

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what is Hashimotos disease Atlanta Ga

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What is hashimotos disease, Atlanta Ga