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March 2, 2023

I Enjoy the Many Gluten Free Benefits and Would Not Go Back to Eating it Ever Again! Atlanta, Ga

gluten free benefits

It’s the Buzz Word, The Hot Topic, or perhaps a Fad Diet?

However, you say it; Gluten-Free food is everywhere you look! What is this Gluten anyway, and what are the benefits of Gluten free?

Yuck, Gluten is a protein found in wheat and acts like a gooey, sticky glue in the body. 

Many people in Atlanta, Ga, find that being Gluten free prevents symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, immune challenges, brain fog, fatigue, trouble sleeping, skin eruptions, hair loss, weight loss struggles, and even deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. 

I could not believe I felt terrific, only 48 hours into a gluten-free diet! I had lived most of my life in Atlanta, Ga, with IBS and a fear of eating out. I have not had a stomach ache since I gave up Gluten. The benefits of Gluten free were life-changing and pretty unbelievable at first. Even my mom said she could not believe my gut health improved.

 Of course, she giggled and said I would have starved growing up in the 1970s if she knew I had to eat Gluten free all the time. 

One of the gluten free benefits which I teach is calming down the autoimmune attacks. Autoimmunity occurs when the immune system is triggered to attack whatever it wants. For me, it was my gut and thyroid primarily.

Eating Gluten by mistake would create attack symptoms within minutes. I call it “getting glutened”. The last time I got “glutened” I was out to eat with friends. One was so excited about life with his new wife, and I enjoyed his excitement until I started to experience odd symptoms. The room began to spin, a migraine was suddenly coming on, and I felt exhausted simultaneously. I looked at my salad and saw Asian noodles that were wheat. I had asked for a gluten-free salad, but mistakes happened. We went home, and I slept for 12 hours and felt pretty exhausted for two days. 

The many gluten free benefits are skyrocketing in the autoimmune community. Consider reading some of the (AIP) autoimmune paleo cookbooks for more guidance. So many testimonies of people removing Gluten have halted the attacks caused by autoimmunity. Plus, a Gluten-free diet can help if you are trying to lose weight and keep it off.

If you want to learn how to eat a gluten-free diet in Atlanta, Ga, please consider making an appointment.

I can teach you easy food swaps for bread, cereals, and many other foods you like to eat. I can also run a comprehensive gluten/wheat test before you remove Gluten from your diet so you can learn how serious it is for you. 

I love to share the story of my youngest son. I was told he was allergic to the sun when he was only three years old and would have to spend his life in the dark and wearing dark-colored clothes. I followed the doctor’s directions for one year, then rethought things. I ran a gluten test on him, and it was positive. We moved Gluten from his diet, and to this day, he is okay in the sun!

Pretty cool, huh? 

Book your appointment today, and let’s find out if you would benefit from a Gluten free diet. 

Gluten Free Atlanta Ga

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