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 Food That Causes Acne & How to Clear Things Up

Alane Stieglitz-Wincek and Scarlett Eriksen  
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August 17, 2022

I want to share a personal testimony for this week’s blog. The concern that there is food that causes acne is a true statement. I am proof in Atlanta, Ga. I have been in a battle with acne for years. I am thirty-nine years old, and I’ve never honestly been able to get my face healthy and acne free. Adult acne has been very frustrating for me, and at one point a few years back, my dermatologist had me on powerful antibiotics, which were very concerning for me. I specifically asked her if there is food that causes acne because I felt like some did. She assured me that what we eat does not matter about acne symptoms.

Let’s now fast forward to the present day. I’ve been with Nutritionally Yours for about two months. A month after starting here, I had a casual conversation with Alane, and I mentioned my acne, puffy face, stomach bloating, and gas pains. I knew something wasn’t right, and I knew that all the acne medications I had tried over the years never took care of the problems. It just masked them.

Alane said to stop eating gluten, dairy, and peanut butter for two weeks. I said oh, I don’t have gluten sensitivity or allergies to any foods. She then said to stop gluten, dairy, and peanut butter for two weeks and let me know how you feel. Well, I guess you can probably guess what happens next. Amazingly my face looks beautiful. There is no blemish in sight, and all of the bloating and gas pains in my stomach are gone! There IS  food that causes acne; I knew it!

I was so excited about the improvements in my skin that I thought it would probably be wise for me to do our food allergy test. I thought this was important because I had no idea I had any food sensitivities, and I do. This significantly impacted me and is leading me down a path to optimal health. I wanted to see the link more between food that causes acne and gut poor health. The shocking thing was that I genuinely believed I had no food reactions and had been saying that for years. I’ve just recently taken the food blood test and am excited to get my results back and make the appropriate improvements to my diet. I can only imagine how wonderful I will feel and look when I eat foods that perfectly fit my body. Removing gluten, dairy, and peanut butter made a difference in my quality of life. I can’t wait to see what other changes need to be made!

Thanks, Alane, for helping me feel and look my best again!

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