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Alane Stieglitz-Wincek
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April 30, 2023

Nutritionist in Alpharetta GA

Hi, my name is Alane, and I am a certified holistic nutritionist. I work in an office in the Alpharetta, Ga, area. I have over 30 years of success and genuinely love my work. 

I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face. I kiss my sweet husband good morning and wish him a happy day. Then I go to my calendar and check my schedule for the day.

My patient load varies daily, and I review notes, new patient paperwork, and lab results to prepare for the day. Some patients want to learn what they should eat to stay well, others want to lose weight, and some are hoping for someone with a big heart and an ear to hear them regarding their health struggles. 

Over my 30 years working as a certified, holistic nutritionist, I have to say things were a lot easier 30 years ago. I went from simple appointments with people suffering from food reactions, some brain fog symptoms, and a little fatigue. Over the years, the symptoms have gotten a lot worse, and I am seeing a decline in the overall health and life of too many people in the Alpharetta, Ga, area. 

I mostly see clients with: 

*debilitating fatigue

*mystery illness

*autoimmune attacks 

*extreme pain and inactivity

*metabolic challenges 

*weight loss battles 

*severe food reactions

*prolonged viral symptoms 

*Lyme and Epstein Barr Virus 

*anxiety, depression, and more 

My heart truly goes out to every single one of my patients. I listen carefully to your symptom, goals, and desires. Then I work hard to get to the root cause of your symptoms so you have an effective plan for health, wellness, and the life you have always dreamed of. 

What makes this nutritionist in Alpharetta, Ga, different? A few things. 

*I have been through the same health challenges that you have. Weight struggle, menopause, autoimmunity, Lyme, joint pain, hypothyroid, etc. 

*I run comprehensive metabolic labs to get to the bottom of things. Then I create a simple plan to get you healthy and active again. 

Have I done this before? Absolutely! Thousands of times. 

I cannot wait to meet you and help you too. 

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I work as a holistic nutritionist in an office in Alpharetta, Ga, and I serve all of the Atlanta area and the united states. I see patients in person and virtually too. 

Are you ready to live the life you have always wanted? 

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Helped Save My Life”

“Alane and her team are fantastic. She has helped to save my life. No joke. See her if you want to improve your health, no matter your ailment! She is worth it. Thank you, Alane, for all you do.”


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Hey! I’m Alane Stieglitz-Wincek. I grew up on sugar and plenty of junk food and had no clue how my diet effected my health. 

 I changed my life and have worked as a holistic nutritionist and naturopath, for over the last 30 years. I help people get healthy, fit and lean, find hormone happiness and recover from all sorts health challenges. 

Obsessed With: my family, my dog, my clients, loving life, and living it to the fullest! 

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