my hair is falling out Atlanta GaBy Alane Stieglitz -Wincek, ND, CNC, Atlanta, Ga

Help! My hair is falling out and I want it to stop now!

Hi, I am Alane, a big-hearted nutritionist, and I experienced hair loss this past year. It was after an illness that caused stress. I did what it took to regrow my beautiful hair, and it came back stronger and healthier than before! my hair is falling out Atlanta Ga

There are top health issues to consider when there is hair falling out. The main reason can differ from person to person, but there tend to be some common threads in labs I run on clients.

inflammation markers

1) One thing I see in women experiencing help, my hair is falling out is hormone overload. Testosterone or DHT is high in the saliva of many of my female clients experiencing hair loss. Saliva testing tells you what is in the body’s tissues, and the hair is the 2nd largest tissue in the body. When I see high androgen hormones, the female hormones of estrogen and progesterone are usually low.

2) Androgen hormones may be normal, and low beneficial female hormones are the concern. I have heard women of all ages say “my hair is falling out!”  When we support the low female hormones, their hair improves.

3) Low vitamins and minerals are another reason for my hair is  falling out clients. A multivitamin does not help your hair when there are vitamin deficiencies. Deficiencies can only be determined in comprehensive, intracellular vitamin and mineral testing. Examples: Vitamin A helps hair grow, C is crucial for iron absorption, Bs include biotin, which allows our hair to be strong, and D Deficiency can lead to my hair falling out.

4) Another top reason for hair falling out is Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. My hair was fragile until I learned I had hypothyroid and Hashimotos’. I had my thyroid treated, so it worked better, and I changed my diet to reduce attacks on the thyroid, and my hair started to grow and thrive.

5) Low protein levels are one of my top findings for hair falling out in women. Regular bloodwork can test your protein levels, and most people tend to be low. I teach my clients to eat 20 grams of lean, healthy protein every meal. As they do, their hair health improves significantly.

why is my hair falling out Atlanta Ga

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