“Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.” – Hippocrates.

Holistic Nutrition is all about YOU and YOUR individual nutritional needs.

Woman shopping for Holistic Nutritionist Serving Alpharetta GA | Functional Medicine in Roswell, GA | Holistic Nutritionist Atlanta | Nutritionally YoursWhat is a Holistic Nutritionist in Atlanta, Ga? What type of Nutrition Counseling will you receive?

It is really simple, get back to basics. Health challenges start with the food we are eating, and can improve with the food we are eating. Most of us eat what we want, face it life is busy, and people do not always have time to spend cooking for 1 hour in the kitchen. We work hard too so we totally understand! We can teach you how to get the missing nutrients back into your body and stop the addictiveness to what we call “fake foods” easily.  We teach you easy ways to eat healthy within your normal routine. You just have to be ready to do what it takes to improve your health for  YOU, your family, your social life, your witness, and your work. YOU are important, and worth taking some time to learn about healthy ways to eat.

A holistic nutritionist or nutrition counselor in Atlanta, Ga is also someone that understands everyone is created uniquely and may have different nutritional needs. Food intolerances to everyday foods can cause annoying symptoms that affect our everyday life. For instance, Alane  loves using a Nutribullet for breakfast, but some days she felt good, and others she did not. She did a food intolerance test and learned she simply needed to switch from spinach and pineapples, to spinach and strawberries. And rice protein powder was better for her then pea protein powder. Now she is feeling fine!

Alane has studied the Orthomolecular concert of nutrition: It is based on diets, and supplements of essential vitamins and minerals specifically selected to support individual problems and needs. The overall goal is to promote optimal health, and longevity for the individual.

Note: Any nutritional counseling received at our office is based on the practices of Holistic Nutrition Counseling. Our staff shares our beliefs and education about food with our clients to help stimulate their bodies to self-heal.

Nutritionally Yours is located in Woodstock GA, about 45 minutes north of Atlanta, Georgia. We also can help people all over the United States. We offer Phone, Facetime, ZOOM and in office appointments Monday – Friday.  Schedule your appointment today and get started feeling better soon!


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“I’ve lost 17 pounds. I sleep peacefully through the night – every night. I can concentrate throughout the day and have given up all caffeine and no longer crave sweets all day. I am energetic and happy! The pain has decreased significantly and I now exercise 45 minutes/day – 6 days/week. Alane helped solve the mystery that was ruining my life and I will be forever grateful.”