functional medicine

I use Functional Medicine techniques to get to the bottom of things. This gives me a clear path to understanding how to get you feeling better.

What is Functional Medicine? Functional Medicine uses science based techniques to address the underlying cause of symptoms and disease.  functional medicine is not “disease”  focused, it is  YOU focused. A functional medicine practitioner will spend 45 minutes to 1 hour with you during your initial appointment. It takes time to get to know you, and 15 minutes is just not long enough.

Uncover Root Cause
We use functional medicine lab tests to identify the root cause of symptoms, and health challenges. We use science to provide you with a clear plan to get you feeling healthy, and living life optimally.

Functional Medicine Techniques to Prevent Disease
Yes, it is possible to prevent disease, and create health!

YOU Focused
This is not one size fits all.  Functional Medicine is YOU focused, not symptom focused!

We are located in Woodstock, GA and we serve the entire metro Atlanta, Ga area and the entire USA .   We are mostly a virtual clinic and have phone, face-time and  ZOOM  appointments Monday – Friday.


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