functional medicineWhat is Functional Medicine?
Simply, Functional Medicine uses science based techniques to address the root or underlying cause of symptoms and disease. We do not focus on “disease” we focus on YOU (not just a symptom.    We create a custom plan to get YOU feeling fantastic again, and staying that way. A functional medicine practitioner will spend around 60 minutes with you during your initial appointment. We want to understand YOU, your history, and health challenges so we can understand your wellness needs.

YOU are More than Just a Symptom
Many patients we work with are usually suffering from complex health challenges, and are searching for a functional medicine practitioner because they desperately need someone who’ll be able to identify the root cause of their illness .  Plus, they need a plan that is simple to follow, makes them feel better, and moves them towards health, and away from disease. We provide that to you and more!

Uncover Root Cause
We use functional medicine lab tests to identify the root cause of symptoms, and health challenges. We use science to provide you with a clear plan to get you feeling healthy, and living life optimally.

Functional Medicine uses any or all of these techniques to help YOU feel better: Holistic Nutrition, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Alternative Medicine, Lifestyle, Hormone Balance and more.

Prevent Disease
Yes, you can prevent disease, and create health! With nutrition counseling, food intolerance testing and taking the right supplements,  YOU you can teach your body to re-create health.

YOU Focused
We’re not one size fits all.  Functional Medicine is YOU focused, not symptom focused!

We are located in Woodstock, GA but we serve the entire metro Atlanta, Ga area. We also help people all over the United States. We have phone, facetime, ZOOM and in office appointments Monday – Friday.


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