How Do I Test For Lyme Disease Atlanta?

You must be comprehensive when you test for Lyme disease Atlanta, Ga, so non of the infections get missed. One bite of an infected tick can make you very sick and affect your quality of life for years. It is vital to test for the Tick Bourne infections plus other infections that the ticks may carry. Most ticks carry more than one type of infection. Traditional lab tests do not cover all pathogens, so the illness gets missed. 

Lyme symptoms are being seen in more and more people these days. Accurate and comprehensive testing is needed more than ever to help clinicians know if their patient’s health decline is due to Lyme disease. And with better testing, they can properly treat based on the positive infections, as each one may require a different protocol. 

How Do Health Care Providers Assess a Patient for Lyme Disease?

Our assessment for Lyme disease starts with listening to their account of when symptoms began, and their life changed. Many patients suspecting Lyme disease have a similar story. Things were fine in life, and then everything changed at once. There is always an ah-ha moment when the patient realizes a time when they most likely got bit by an infected tick.

During our assessment of a patient with Lyme disease, we may hear stories of hiking, camping, soccer games, outdoor sports, or just gardening outside. Sometimes the stories have been during travel either within the united states or overseas. But there is always a situation where the patient has gotten bitten by insects. Some had a bullseye-like rash, and some did not.

After we listen carefully to the patient’s story and symptoms, we order the appropriate test for Lyme disease. We prefer to use out-of-network labs so nothing gets missed, which helps in the patient’s recovery. If money is tight, we can use LabCorp or Quest, but more is needed to analyze the person’s health comprehensively.

How Many Doctors Treat Lyme in Atlanta?

Because Lyme disease is so difficult to find and most in-network labs need to be more thorough, the numbers of doctors treating Lyme in Atlanta are less than we would like to see. Our office is quite busy with clients suffering from Lyme where the infections have been missed.

In Atlanta, the number of traditional doctors specializing in treating Lyme disease is low. Plus, most are not in network with most insurance companies. Some will run a Western Blot test for Lyme Disease in Atlanta, and if the results are a CDC-approved positive, the patient may be treated or, like many, may be told that the provider does not have enough knowledge about treating the illness. This will cause challenges for patients seeking diagnosis and care for their symptoms.

There are many complexities surrounding Lyme and a wide range of symptoms. And the controversial nature of the disease and lack of knowledge can cause challenges. Extensive experience and expertise in this field can be challenging. However, it can be achieved if you look outside the standard healthcare system and seek specialist assistance.

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Where Can I Get Tested for Lyme Disease?

At Nutritionally Yours Health and Wellness Clinic in Atlanta, individuals can undergo comprehensive testing for Lyme disease and receive experienced support. The clinic recognizes the importance of accurate answers and offers specialized testing options to detect all Lyme infections.

Through advanced Lyme disease test laboratories, our specialists can assess the presence of Lyme bacteria in the body and identify specific strains for targeted support. This thorough testing approach enables patients to understand their Lyme status clearly. It lays the foundation for tailored protocols.

Nutritionally Yours Health and Wellness Clinic in Atlanta, takes a holistic approach to Lyme disease if possible. We focus on addressing the condition’s physical, emotional, and nutritional aspects. Our dedicated professionals, including doctors, nutritionists, and holistic practitioners, work collaboratively to help you get the answers you need and regain your health and life.

The clinic aims to support the immune system, promote overall health, and alleviate Lyme-related symptoms by integrating conventional medicine with nutrition-based therapies. Through individualized consultations, patients can receive guidance on dietary adjustments, supplementation, and lifestyle modifications, fostering a comprehensive approach to Lyme disease management that aims to optimize their well-being.

Another benefit of going to Nutritionally Yours and seeing Alane Wincek is that she has had Lyme disease since the 1980s. It was missed for five long years. She works in the Atlanta Ga area and sees patients in person and virtually too. She has a circle of medical doctors that greatly support her work. She also knows which test for Lyme Disease Atlanta are good, how to help her patients, and what not to do.

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