Cold and Flu Prevention

I help people stay healthier during cold and flu season, and all year round so they can enjoy life and not be stuck at home coughing and sneezing. Are you constantly worried about getting sick, missing work, school or not living life to the fullest because you are sick too often? I can help.

One way I help is to teach you the best cold and flu prevention techniques weather you live in Atlanta, Ga or anywhere in the country. Each state has it’s own immune challenges, Atlanta is known for allergies and mold challenges.

Worrisome symptoms tend to start in the Fall months with sniffles, runny noses, congestion, coughs, ear infections, sore throats and sinus infections.  Of course things get worse as we head into the cold, winter months and the dreaded flu season.

Do You Have Frequent Immune Challenges?

* Learn ways to eat healthy and stop stressing your immune system.
* Learn which food intolerances may be weakening your immune system
* We can show you natural immune remedies that we use that really work for us!
* We can check your antioxidant and vitamin levels to see if you need to support your body more.

The fall is full of beautiful colors and the winter is full of fun activities, don’t be stuck sick in bed! Enjoy the seasons, just support your immune system well.

Our office is located in Alpharetta,  GA and we are a mostly virtual clinic. This enables us to serve all of the Atlanta, Ga area and the entire USA.  We offer phone, face-time and ZOOM appointments Monday – Friday

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