hypothyroid symptomsBy Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

My Hypothyroid symptoms did not get diagnosed for quite some time, even though I had signs and symptoms for years and knew deep down my thyroid did not work properly.

After the birth of my first child, I started to get these odd brown areas near my thyroid, and I had weight gain and fatigue. Of course, I was a typical new mom with all the new mom challenges, but I did not feel it was a “normal” or “new mom” fatigue. I thought it was a sign of thyroid problems, but the thyroid-stimulating hormone TSH was normal in blood tests.

A few years later, the unfortunate happened. I was pregnant again and so happy, but 10 weeks into the pregnancy, I had a miscarriage. After the D & C, none of the baby weight came off; again, I thought it was due to untreated hypothyroidism when the thyroid functions slow, but my levels of thyroid hormone were normal.

I got pregnant for the third time pretty fast, and it was a rather difficult pregnancy. I was sick every day until my water broke at 7 1/2 months. After the birth of my second son, my weight was the highest it ever had been. I was usually around 110 pounds, but after he was born, I was at 165 pounds.

Again my TSH levels were normal, but my energy was low; I had hair loss, felt blue, and had hot flashes that kept me awake at night.
I could not understand why I was told that my thyroid function was normal when I had all of these typical hypothyroid symptoms.

Like most of my clients, I went to several doctors in the area asking for blood work. Everyone said my thyroid hormone production was okay. I went into their offices saying that I had hypothyroid symptoms, but no one will listen. Each doctor asked about my diet and how many calories I was eating. I was barely eating much, maybe 1000 calories. The last doctor that discouraged me told me to drop to 900 calories while telling me my levels of thyroid hormone were fine.

Things started to make sense at a class on comprehensive thyroid production, autoimmunity, and the immune system. The doctor taught the ranges that were traditional versus the functional levels. He also showed us how to test for all levels of thyroid hormone, including Free levels of T3 and T4 plus thyroid antibodies.

A kind doctor was sitting near me, and we started to chat. I told her of my struggle and how I truly believed I had hypothyroid symptoms and no one will listen. I went to see her the next week, and she ran the same blood tests the doctor from California taught us. Woo Hoo! My TSH was above 4.0, and there was barely any Free T3. Plus, I had something called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which is autoimmune against the thyroid. I didn’t have just one type of thyroid problem; I had three!

She put me on proper thyroid support, removed gluten, and the weight came off, and I felt “normal” again!

If you are like me and believe you have hypothyroid symptoms, but no one will listen, please make an appointment. I promise I WILL listen and run good labs on you, to get the answers you need!. The thyroid is small, but it helps the body so much!

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