How many appointments will I need before I start to feel better?

Most people begin to have some relief from symptoms within a few days to a week after the first appointment. Occasionally, there will be someone that takes a little longer. Alane works very closely with all her clients. She can be contacted via email or phone between appointment. Email is preferred. Alane normally sees her new clients for two,  one hour appointments six weeks apart. By then their health has improved significantly and follow ups are at the client’s discretion.

I am feeling better using the supplements I got in your office, what do I do when I run out and want to refill them?

Call or email our office and let us know what you need and we will mail them to you. Our supplements are professional grade, much stronger and safer then getting them elsewhere.

Does Nutritionally Yours accept medical insurance?

You can use a health savings account at Nutritionally Yours.

We can use health insurance plans for LabCorp and Quest labs blood work.

Can Nutritionally Yours order the tests I may need to determine the best support to help me feel better? 

Yes, at your initial appointment you may discuss with Alane any tests you many want run. Alane can order a wide variety of tests to identify the root cause of symptoms and the path direction to help you feel better and stay well.  These can include food intolerance, hormones, thyroid, stool, toxins, vitamin and mineral levels and more.

I really think you could help me, but you are too far away. Do you have offices closer to me?

Nutritionally Yours has been helping people all over the world to recover their health. We offer in person, phone, facetime and ZOOM appointments for people not able to come to Atlanta Ga.  We also offer functional medicine supportive test kits through our long distance testing websites.

Why does Alane not call herself “Doctor”?

Nutritionally Yours adheres to the statutes of the State of Georgia. In Georgia, only a medical doctor or a chiropractor can use the word “doctor” or the initial “D.” Alane’s Naturopathy and Nutrition Counseling degrees are from Trinity School of Holistic Health which is accredited and respected nationwide. Georgia does not recognize Naturopathy as a Doctorate. Out of respect to the laws of the state Alane asks her clients not to call her doctor. She prefers to be addressed as “Alane” or “Ms. Stieglitz.”

We have a medical doctor on staff as our medical director if “medical” treatment is needed.

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