far infrared sauna / ozone therapy Our Far Infrared Sauna generates between 95%-99% safe & absorbable Far Infrared Light. It can go up to 130 degrees.

What makes our Far Infrared Sauna so effective is the generator of the FIR Light that interacts and pulsates your water molecules, creating an increase in core temperature, an increase in circulation, and an increase in lymph flow. If you have all these, then it is incredible to see the health benefits a person can derive. Many health problems simply disappear!

The radiator is the most advanced of any Far Infrared Light generator and generates the purest, cleanest, most intense soothing light of any FIR Sauna that we have encountered. It uses 1500 watts of energy and generates a very intense healing light energy.   It has computer-programmed ceramic semi-conductor chips that filter out all NON-healing energies and a reflecting tent that penetrates deep into human tissues over and over and over again. The FIR head will open the pores in the skin and provoke the body to sweat out waste and toxins.

ozone therapy

Support for: Heavy metal toxicity, autoimmunity, chemical toxicity, pain, fatigue, brain fog, circulation, lose weight, beautify the body, anti-aging, improve metabolism, improve energy and much more!

RELAX, BE PAMPERED, DETOX, ENJOY SOME ME TIME! We will take care of you!

OZONE Therapy TOO…FOR A BETTER LIFE! With our OXYOZ Ozone Generator, we pump ozonated air into the Infrared Sauna for DOUBLE the benefits! A great way to detox and get healthy!

Support for:  immune health, detox, rid mold, bacteria, and fungus, improve energy and much more!

Would you like to purchase an infra red sauna so you have the best one to use in the comfort of your home?





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