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By, Alane Stieglitz-Wincek, ND, CNC, Atlanta, Ga

People with chronic fatigue syndrome live their life very tired. Most of us take a short nap when we feel tired, and it helps us feel refreshed. If you have chronic fatigue syndrome, a nap will not help you get your errands or tasks done. As time goes on, they lose their compassion for activities they used to enjoy, and the fatigue takes over their life. 

To recover from chronic fatigue syndrome, you need to find the cause. Getting to the root cause of symptoms is my top #1 priority in helping you feel better. No guessing games; your health and life are too important. Once the reason for the chronic fatigue syndrome is known, the correct protocol can be given.

chronic fatigue syndrome 

Here is a typical chronic fatigue syndrome scenario. It started as needing a 30 minutes mid-afternoon nap; then it grew to a 2-4 hour nap to get through the day. Next, you start forgetting simple things, and you need to write things down. Then you forget where your notes were, so you give up and go back to sleep. 

Over time you realize you are getting sick pretty often. Your immune system feels weaker than it was before. 

You start feeling scared to go out or be around a group of people. Sadness and loneliness begin to kick in. 

The world seems to be spinning like a moving merry-go-round that will not let you off. You are afraid you will fall off and pass out, but you do not; you keep on going wishing it will end. 

These are some symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. 

debilitating fatigue


brain fog




frequent illnesses


neurological distress like tingling or tremors


noise sensitivity

light sensitivity

stomach aches

top reasons for chronic fatigue syndrome 

underlying infection 


iron deficiency

hormone imbalance

vitamin deficiency

food intolerance

adrenal fatigue

poor diet

protein deficiency 

The answer to fixing chronic fatigue syndrome is simple. Get to the root cause, support your body properly and feel better. 

chronic fatigue syndrome

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