Nutritionally Yours is all about helping our clients feel better! We are pleased to offer Naturopathy, Health and Wellness Coaching & Holistic Nutrition Counseling with a variety of scientific nutritional tests to help you achieve improved health and wellness.

Lab testing Don’t waste your valuable time and money with trial and error. Let us help you target your specific needs so you can get on the road to a healthier, happier lifestyle today!  Get to the root cause of health challenges plus an easy plan back to health!



1) Initial “COMPREHENSIVE NATUROPATHIC / NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATION” with Alane $225. This is a very comprehensive, one FULL hour, in depth appointment. We need to really get to know you, your health struggles, family history and your goals.

*Review of health symptoms and challenges
*Review of current diet and nutrition
*Determination of health situation (what is at the root of your health challenges)
* Testing  options are provided to get to the root cause of symptoms and health challenges
*Detailed and individualized plan to get your feeling fantastic again!
*30 minute thermal detox support BIOMAT session (use this today or any other time you visit).  Come in, relax and take a nap while you detox your worries away!

*Email support for regular “active” clients. This is a quick and easy way to communicate with our practitioner.  We are here to help you feel your best!

*Follow Ups: $125-195 – this price is determined after the follow up appointment. It all depends on the number of labs reviewed, complexity and the time it takes to review.

Emergency Appointments for colds/flu, etc: These are usually 15 minutes and billed at $65 plus remedies

YES! We do all this plus help you when you are sick!

Lab Testing: Sometimes labs are necessary to get to the root cause of symptoms and health challenges. Many can go through your insurance, but not all.  We will help you out as much as possible. Pricing is discussed during appointments. Feel free to bring any blood work you have recently done to your appointment.

*Long distance appointments are available via the telephone or skype for the same fees.

Nutritionally Yours Medical Insurance Policy

You can use your health savings account at our office. We can run some LabCorp and Quest through insurance.