Healthy Eating & Exercise: Why Can't I Lose Weight? By Michelle Tuffs and Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

Oh, the rejection we feel standing on that tiny metal square with the wavering arm! Shoes off, of course, holding our breath and sending positive vibes out to the universe…only to see that it hasn’t moved one single pound! Really? Again?

I’ve become so familiar with this scenario. I’ve never been one for the scale, but my clothes tell the true story of my weight! And like many women my age, I have an assortment of sizes to choose from if my stretchy pants aren’t the proper dress code for the evening!

Why oh Why do we struggle as we are older, or as I like to say, “mature”! What happens that keeps some people working so hard on their diet, at the gym and still, their goals are not achieved. I can tell you one of my personal battles has been my thyroid. Hypothyroidism and/or Hashimoto’s are the enormously undiscovered wrench in many people’s weight loss battle. Hypothyroidism, meaning your thyroid gland has slowed down and isn’t working hard for you anymore, can lead to weight gain. Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune attack against the one gland you need to be working FOR you (your thyroid) when you are trying hard to lose weight and keep it off!

Are you familiar with any food intolerances? If you are eating foods that are causing inflammation, you WILL have a harder time loosing weight. And what about leptin, and insulin levels? These may be numbers a traditional clinic wouldn’t test for but could change your game in weight loss success. A significant issue for women can be very high hormone levels in the tissues, which may not be discovered through blood testing. In this case, saliva testing may be your best friend ladies! Saliva testing will also identify hormones you may have taken over several years that have now become a toxin and part of the fat stored in your body!

Get to the root cause(s) of your body’s difficulty with weight loss.
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