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Calorie counting, skipping meals, high protein drinks, daily exercise, etc etc etc. These are all ways to help you lose weight but is it truly the best way to drop weight, and the bigger question is, is it enough? There are so many programs out there to help you lose weight, so which one is best for you? The real question is, which ones work and which ones do not work? We do not want our clients wasting time, money or energy; we only want them to have real success with their journey to get healthy and lose weight, and keep it off!

Our best programs to help our clients lose weight all include a daily dietary review to make sure you are not simply eating too much. We do a general calorie counting program, but that is definitely not our focus! Exercise is important, not only for weight loss, but for overall health and wellness, so we are pro exercise and cardio activity, but we do realize not everyone has 1-2 hours a day to go to a gym. We tend to be more realistic with people’s busy lives.

One thing we have realized over all our years helping people lose weight, it that the people that use a detox program have the biggest and easiest successes. The people that only want to do a high protein, low carbohydrate diet do not always have the best success. Toxins from the environment get stored in fat cells and yes they can contribute to the inability to lose weight. But more important than that is that when you start to lose weight, the toxins in the fat cells move into the bloodstream so you must support detox or you may not feel well enough to continue losing weight. And don’t forget the bowels! It is imperative for the bowels to be moving daily for toxins to come out and weight to come off! Some of our clients have shared stories of when they started a healthy food lifestyle and exercise program they felt nauseous and fatigued until they added in a detox support.

So……..if you are wanting to lose weight and keep it off AND not feel terrible as you are making beneficial changes consider an in-office appointment so we can help you.

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